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I was reading a page called “one room world” or something to that effect and it was about a chronically ill woman who had lived in her room for several years due to her health. As I read, I could see the similarities in our lives and thought that most people really have no concept of what having a one room world is like. This young lady is inspirational and a survivor and she motivates even me to keep fighting to live life as full as I can.

I told someone the other day that I fight so hard to get up on my feet for a few steps because there is a HUGE difference in being able to stand briefly and put yourself in a wheelchair and not being able to move your legs at all and having to be pulled and dragged into a power chair or wheelchair.I have been at both points in my life and each time that I found myself sinking into the “can not help myself get into a chair” category, I fought even harder to regain those few steps.

There is a HUGE difference in being home most of the time and going out occasionally to do something other than doctors. The difference is that one can still get out of the house even if someone is taking them for a short while  and visit friends or go to some place and eat, etc and they pay dearly for those trips but are willing to make them occasionally in spite of the pay out that comes with it. And the other one that does not leave their house or their room except for doctors because the pain is too severe, they are too weak and leaving their rooms is not worth the payout and those that are room bound are usually bed bound. There is a difference in that too in that staying in bed all day is not the same thing as not being able to leave the bed all day.

But, living in a one room world does not mean we are unhappy or that we never have anything good come our way. Most of us rely on the computer as our window to the world and we have learned to use our minds in a greater capacity than most and can visualize what most can not. I not only can visualize dancing, which I love and used to do weekly, to the point that I feel the motion and feel the air move around me as I mentally dance.

So many of you have been with my blog and followed my journey as I fight to keep going and to keep the joy in my one world room and am fighting to at least expand my room to the kitchen and even patio in my power chair. You have encouraged me, inspired me and walked with me and have made my journey easier just by your presence.

Down on the right side of this blog page are pictures of my one room world and you will see it is a room filled with treasures, colors, things I love and things that distract me like the chines on my stained glass ceiling light. Son picked that out when we moved in here because he said it would give me something to enjoy looking at when I was hurting so badly. And it has been.

Yes, my one room world has medical stuff all over like the hospital bed, oxygen tanks and oxygen concentrator with green hoses running from them, forearm crutches, braces, power chair, rolling shower chair and roll in shower, needles and medicine bottles..but if you look at the pictures…hopefully you will see what I see..which is an eclectic room filled with treasures of which many are gifts given to me to make life easier, encourage me, inspire me…like the Native American fleece blankets I have on my hospital bed that brighten my room and are so soft they help my pain, or the cloud book that I love looking at or the cards sent, or the reborn dolls, or the dream pet that shines my stars on my ceiling for me..things of love and reminders that I am a real person…not a “chronically ill” person…but a real person with real dreams and wants and desires who has learned to live in her one room world. A real person who chooses to not focus on being chronically ill but rather focus on being a survivor, a warrior that puts on her wonder woman headband and starts the fight over each day and sometimes starts over several times a day.

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  1. {{{HUGS}}} from one warrior to another xoxo

    Comment by Cauldrons and Cupcakes | May 19, 2013 | Reply

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