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The Shadow Of The Valley

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The Shadow Of The Valley

What do you do

when the valley is deep

and the mountains so high?

sometime you just

lay in the shade

fueling up to go again

sometimes you push on

on legs weak

rubber bands shaking

sometimes you crawl

and wonder

will you

make it at all

and sometimes sadly

people die in the desert

because alone is

a hard way to fight

move, move, move

the wind shouts

voices are dim

memories to you

inch my inch

you move along

looking for that arm

to lift you

or for that shade

to hide from

the beating rays

sizzling your body

burning your skin

looking around you see

emptiness and less

and inch by inch

you make it once more

through the valley

of death

only to see people

standing there

all dressed to the nines

cheering you

why were they not

in the valley

of the shadow

of death with you?

people talk a good talk

but seldom walk

the walk with you

and so you continue

to walk the walk


but you make it

you have to

you can not

 give up

until it is your


to become the sand

danLrene 2013


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