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The Importance Of Goals

People ask me how I keep going like I do in spite of all that I deal with and now with more on my plate than ever, I have done some serious thinking about it and my answer contains several components. One is my great faith in God and life after here. One is my attitude and how I learned that I can not always change what happens to me but I can change how I deal with it. And the last, is I learned how important it is to have goals and things to work on each day.

This is so hard for someone who is disabled, chronically ill and especially someone who is like me that health keeps me from doing many things. It is hard to do a lot of things from a hospital bed but it is still possible. We are a goal oriented species and if we stop having goals in our lives, then we stop living and stop caring. One of my goals every day is doing this blog. I call it my job and I make myself get up and write. I research a lot of the information on my blogs because I want to convey accurate information.  And sometimes, that one goal is what gets me up every day and makes me look to the future.

When we can no longer work like we used to, we have to look around for other goals to have. Just “sitting there” is not a goal. That is a victim mentality of poor me.  That is when it becomes imperative to set some goals. I have goals daily ranging from sitting up in my power chair for so many minutes in a day, to taking those four or five steps on my forearm crutches, to cleaning my computer table here by my hospital bed. They are all goals…all things I need to do to give me something I must accomplish each day more than just laying here and feeling sorry for myself.

Goals and dreams go together. I have dreams and work on them every day. Our dream was to get out here to Colorado to live in the mountains and we accomplished that dream. My dream of gardening is gone but that does not mean I can not have a goal or dream of helping son plant things in pots on the patio. I love to write and a goal son and I both have is to publish things we have written and that is something I work on daily.

Life can change in the blink of an eye and all that you thought you would do or could do can change and you are left wondering “what will I do now”.  The only thing I can tell you is to sit down and make a list of new dreams and new goals using new ways to do things. I got bad news yesterday about the severe degeneration of my feet and the crippling effect it is having. They told me there is nothing they can do to help it or to stop the destructive path this disease is taking on my feet and body and that was devastating news. They are trying me on med for RA/Psoriatic Arthritis and also have drugs like Humira, etc but are not sure my body can handle them. Can that change my goals or dreams? Sure it can but I also am smart enough to figure new ways to do things. I have a power chair and I can do things with it to help me accomplish some of these goals.

When I make goals and dreams, I keep a list. One is the most immediate goals I want to accomplish and the second list is those that will take some effort like learning Spanish and Sign language but are still goals I can accomplish. And then the last list is those goals that I dream of but also realize that they are goals that might or might not happen. My dream of going back to Italy is one. Will I ever make it?  Who knows but God? That does not stop me from dreaming of it and talking about it and trying to figure out ways that I could do it. For example, a friend I have in Italy told me that they have power chairs there that go over the cobblestone streets. So, it was something to add to my dream book.

Not having any goals takes away our desire to do anything. And when we have nothing to occupy our minds, then the negative, self-destructive thinking starts coming in and that leads to victim mentality. We become the poster child for the “woe is me” thinking that many can fall into even with such things as becoming unemployed or losing your home. Goals give us self-worth and help us feel good about ourselves. I do not care if you are unemployed, a goal of fixing this or that at your home gives you something to focus on and to use your skills and to make you feel like you have achieved something. And we all need to feel that sense of achievement.

No matter whether you are disabled, chronically ill, bed bound, homeless, jobless…whatever…do not stop making goals and working towards them. I started off with just standing up with my crutches by my bed and worked my way up taking steps. Does not sound like much to a healthy person but to me, I felt like I climbed Mount Everest. No matter your situation, keep making those goals and dreams a part of your life and work towards them. And the lower you are on the totem pole, the better you feel when you reach those goals. And it is never too late to start making goals and dreams and working for them. Do it now and you will find yourself feeling better about yourself.

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