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I loved these mountains from the day I first saw them four years ago. Took us two years to get over the mountain to here. In the pictures below, you can see that they are black and still smoldering. The smoke hangs heavy and fills our nostrils.

As we look from here watching now from a distance, we see something explode in burning and the black plume rises to the sky and we see the glow of the fire. The news told us that because the smoke had lowered did not mean that the fire had quit for it had not. It was still burning aggressively.

So thankful for all the firefighters here, the military, emergency personnel and our law enforcement who are keeping things under control.

Picture 021

Picture 025

Picture 026

Picture 029

Picture 043

Picture 044

Picture 053

Picture 058

Picture 064

Picture 072

Picture 079

Picture 082

Picture 083

Picture 086

Picture 088

Picture 093

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  1. These fires are worrisome. Stay safe. God bless

    Comment by Ray's Mom | June 22, 2013 | Reply

  2. Too close for comfort. A good long rain would help… putting out the fire and releasing seeds and plants for new growth. You will watch nature’s renewal.

    Comment by Ann | June 22, 2013 | Reply

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