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Living on the Outer Edge

Dedicated to all the “One Room World” People like me whose lives have been altered by illness and disability


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Living On The Outer Edge

There is a pane of glass I see

It stands somewhere between you and me

It’s living on the outer edge

Spending your life on a narrow ledge

Although our lives are intertwined

The pane of glass leaves a vivid line

Like children pressing their faces to glass

It leaves an impression that does not last

On the other side of this glass lies

A world that never hears my cries

Laying on the inside, looking out I see

A life I wish could somehow include me

Learning to live on the narrow ledge

Learning to live on the outer edge

Is a very lonely life for a person to  live

Sometimes more than one’s heart can give

© danLrene 1989

Published in New York Poetry Anthology

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  1. Beautiful words, soul searching. intensely personal and very human – our need not to feel alone and apart from life. Thank you for sharing your gift of words and poetry of thought and emotions, Penny xx

    Comment by Penny L Howe | June 26, 2013 | Reply

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