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The Awakening Moment

I have had those awakening moments all through my life that brought me back….steered me back to what is important. Those are moments that for me, make me realize what is truly of value in life.  When I started losing the ability to walk without assistance, it made me realize that God and my faith, not religion,  was extremely important in my life and tell people that it took knocking me to my feet to make me realize that.  As my health deteriorated and son decided that health wise, moving out here was paramount to keeping me here, we both realized that material things were just not that important but having loved ones with us was.

The fires here have done that this time as we looked around wondering what to take and realizing that the only thing we needed was ourselves, our pets, clothing, food, medicine and records. That was it as all the rest were just material things. I was always the one growing up that never believed that material things made me better than others. I always looked at the heart of someone not what they had or wore on their backs.

The sad thing to me is that some people never seem to get that awakening moment or they get it and just ignore it. And if you do not believe me, just look around the world and see all the turmoil and tragedy going on and all the waste happening.

Look at what we (used in a generic sense here):

1. choose to spend money on

2. look at all the crap on TV and yet we still watch it and support it. These shows, newspapers, magazines run on the money from those that pay for their services or product daily.

3. look at our young children and see how many no longer have the drive to be successful at something worthwhile but would rather star on some reality show and act like an idiot to get there or spend their money they do have on massive amounts of lottery tickets or contests wanting their one big break instead of working to support themselves. They want money and fame instead of the things that money can not buy.

4. look at what our government deems important and yet we do not get out and vote or fight to change things or have those people removed from office

5. look at where our money goes in government and what it goes for (sorry but 7 million for a trip to Africa was not right when we have so many who need help here in our country and our country is in financial crisis), the pork put into bills is not necessary such as millions for an airport to a small town where a politician lives when less than a 100 use that airport. WE do not realize how much of our money is spent on pork…on unnecessary items. Research it.

6. look at what those around you talk about…is it something important or is it whining and bitching about something but doing nothing to change it. Fight to change what you can and what you can not change, accept it and move on.

7. look at all the children in foster care and yet no one addresses the issue of teaching young people how to be parents and we have literally babies having babies. We teach birth control for all the good that did but since the babies are here, what about teaching parenting classes so that people know how to take care of those children?

8. look at all those who are jobless and have lost their homes and yet what is being spent is not to create a way to help them get back on their feet. Handing someone money does not give them alternatives to find ways to survive. Where are all the jobs promised us?

9. look at our health and all those with chronic illness and with auto immune illness that the National Institute on Health has shown is caused by toxins that we are being put into contact with in our lives daily and nothing is being done to stop it. And medical help? They can determine the cause but find no solution? We can put a man on the moon but can not find cures for these things. Who profits?

10. look at all the homes, lives and property damaged because we change the environment and do nothing to fix it where these weather events will not happen so often. Appropriate environmental measures are not being done and this creates flooding, fires, lives lost, homes lost.

11. Look at yourself and see what it is you value so much. Is it the material things, having the huge house, two or three vehicles, designer clothes, special vacations or is it your loved ones?

Somewhere, somehow we have to take an accounting on what WE do in life and how we contribute to the problem with either our passiveness or actual contribution and we have to decide what is the most important; to be part of the solution or part of the problem?

Son and I simplified our lives when we saw the writing on the wall a few years ago of where our economy was heading. Others kept spending and living the way they always did and now are in financial ruin. Son and I decided that spending time together was more important than having the big house and so we got rid of. We gave away van load after van load of things to others that could use it. We make sure to vote in every election. I know many feel their vote does not count but it does even if it is just knowing you did your part. We do our part to conserve utilities because believe it or not folks, there is not an unlimited supply of gas, gasoline, water, etc.

And the fire has made us take stock of what is important. We took pictures of things that were family things but we could not carry with us. We took pictures of of family pictures that were in frames all over the house, the copy of the print of Rembrandt Jesus that was in the barn wood frame that was my parents, of our Indian wall hangings….because if we lost the house, we could reprint them if we wanted to. They might not be the originals but it was much easier to carry on a big thumb drive than to try to load things into our van that took room that we might need for food and clothing.

And my son and I have learned to value simple things in life such as eating at the island in the kitchen together and talking to each other, like cooking together, like going to church on Sunday (my one outing out that I never know for sure if I can go or not because of my health), like gardening together even if I am just the watcher, watching movies together….and believe it or not…like all the free things in life such as watching the moon come up or the sun set, like seeing my other son and grand baby on the Skype or talking on the phone, or talking to loved ones and family/family of choice. An awakening moment is when you realize that some things are more important than others and some things like material things are really not all that important at all.

What is your awakening moment?  The minutes, the seconds are ticking away and you can never go back and replay this moment right now or any moment from the past. There is a quote I love. It says:

Life-is-not-a-dress-rehearsalimage from

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  1. It is time to take stock. Solid observations. Evacuations do point to what’s important. (Got a couple of plastic crates loaded for hurricane season. As you know there’s just so much room)
    Valuable post – Fresh Pressed worthy

    Comment by philosophermouseofthehedge | July 1, 2013 | Reply

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