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I think about our country and all that is going on and then I think about my ancestors who came through Ellis Island because they were coming to America to start over. They had the same dreams and desires as we do; dreams to own a home, have a family or loved one and have a job and be happy. I can not imagine that feeling the first time they saw the Statue of Liberty. This symbol of freedom that was given to our country in 1885 and represented so much to those that were in other countries. What does it mean to you today?

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I can only imagine a little of what they felt; something like how son and I felt when we came over the mountain like pioneers and we found our home here. It was surreal and a time filled with anticipation. A time of hope and dreams and believing that life would be better. The dream was worth anything including the rough ride over, carrying your belongings in baskets or bags, and waiting in long lines to be examined and processed through.

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Welcome to America…the melting pot. But what has happened to our melting pot? Seems like we are not all melting anymore and molding into Americans. Everyone wants to draw lines and place names as if that could take away your heritage. I am French, English, German, Irish, Scottish, Canadian, Native American and probably a few more thrown in there. Being an American does not diminish that. It just makes me an American that is also French, English, German, Irish, Scottish, Canadian, Native American and also female and also disabled and chronically ill and a mother and grandmother.  They are all labels and they either mean something to us or they do not. We do not have to exclude anything to make a political statement. We just need to live and work in harmony.US melting pot imageimage from usameltingpot.

♫♫God Bless America..Home of the free♫♫

I love my country and I value the things I have here and the freedoms. Contrary to what some think, freedom does not mean you can do anything you want or say anything you want and it be alright. It means there are consequences. If you run into a crowded store and yell “FIRE!!”  and people get hurt running out, you will be held responsible.  If you slander someone, you can be taken to court and held responsible. There are rules even in freedom. You can say or do what you want but you must also take the consequences of those actions.

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Freedom is not free. It comes on the backs of our men and women who fight and have fought so valiantly to keep it for us. What we do, we set as an example for our young people who are also citizens of this great country. What are you teaching your children or the children around you about respect for our country and each other?

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I love my country but in a slight twist from what someone else said a few years ago, I will say..I have never been so ashamed of my country leaders and those in political office as I am right now. They are not working for the people who put them in office. They do not care what happens to us and their greed and contempt makes me ashamed to say they are the leaders of our country. And I use my right by voting against them. And we the people should be standing strong and proud and working to keep our country whole instead of dividing it.

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America is made up of all of us. Each one of us is unique and has something to offer our country. I am saddened when I hear people talk about hating America and my first thought is ..”then why you do stay and live off of America? Why not go to a country you like more?”   I am one that is proud to be an American. That does not mean I agree with everything my government does but it DOES mean that I support my country and I would fight to defend it. It DOES mean that I will not sit in public or on social media sites degrading the very place that gives me a home and my life.  If I do not like something, I work to change it. If I can not change it, then I accept it and quit bitching about it.

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Are we so different that we can not get along? Does the color of our skin, our hair, our eyes, the shape of our eyes or nose, how we talk …whatever …make us enemies? Cut us and we all bleed.  Open us up and we all have a heart and lungs and brain and other organs and bones inside. We all think…maybe in different ways but we all have a brain and thoughts that are part of us. And we all hurt when hit or talked to in ugly ways. We all have dreams and desires to be free. So why then, if we are all Americans do we feel the need to hurt each other? Why do we feel the need to hurt anyone in the world? We are only different in that we were raised in different cities, different parts of the country, different countries, etc and so we have different cultural differences. That does not make us bad. It just makes us different. But the one thing we have in common is we are Americans and that makes us family.

People can remove God from our schools, from our government, from pledge, our courthouses..whatever. But, you know what? We might remove God…but He never removes us.

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Happy Fourth to you all…I pray this fourth you will take the time to enjoy each other, to look around at your family and loved ones, at your neighbors, those around you, your co-workers and even strangers here in our country and see them as Americans instead of seeing anything you may feel prejudice for. The people brought prejudice and hatred into this country and we can take it out.  We just have to be willing to stop and listen more and stop criticizing and ranting about things more and work to change things.

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