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Yes, it was cellulitis in my leg. If anyone knows what that is, it is a serious infection/inflammation that can move quickly. Overnight it moved from just above my ankle to just below my knee. So 2000 mg a day of antibiotics was prescribed and now am propped in my hospital bed with legs elevated and doing tummy typing. I will not be stopped LOL. This is my view right now. I can at least watch son working in the kitchen.

my view

And this is me now. No, not a pretty sight. I feel like crapola and in high pain but as you can see…got a smile for you all. I show all this to show that being happy is a choice. I could waller in this predicament and make it worse with self pity but that is not my nature. I am a fighter and I am a happy person by nature. I see the cup half full rather than half empty. me sicky And while I am resting and healing, I have the best little heating pad in the world. She knows when I do not feel good and she snuggles me and always manages to snuggle right where I am hurting and provides great warmth to my pain to help it.

Daisy warming legs

After taking 160 mgs of lasix last nite, wrapping my leg with ace bandages to try to force some of the swelling to go down and taking baclofin, neurontin, pain med, and antibiotics..the swelling is down some. Yes, still swollen but not like last nite. If you can imagine having your leg so swollen that the leg is hard as the table top and feels like the skin is going to split open..then you have an idea. Is the pain bad…oh hell yes it is. But, I find that distraction is son is helping…talking to friends is helping…loving Daisy is helping..and I am using those things along with therapies such as applying the Voltaren Gel right on my legs, wrapping my legs, elevating my legs, my meds, etc are helping. Those are all choices.

I could spend this time moaning and groaning, whining about how bad it is, and in general making myself feel worse and impede the healing and making anyone around me feel miserable too…BUT, life is a choice and I do not choose to do that. I choose to smile, to love on my Daisy..oh what a treasure she has been and in general to not let this nor anything steal my joy. And I choose to not be a victim. People find this so hard sometimes and do not realize that not being a victim includes not letting something steal your joy. Choose happiness, choose to be proactive and do the things necessary to help your health and your life, choose to enjoy your loved ones and choose to not let people who only want to help upset you. I would rather have someone make a stupid suggestion out of love than to not make any suggestion.

Watch what you choose and make sure you are choosing happiness, choosing what is good for you and choosing to not let the bad or negative take over your life.

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  1. never had celluitius butt when I go to congestive heart failure my legs and feet swell to the extent of feeling like they are ready to burst, I know your pain must be much worse. I am glad you can put a positive spin on it and not waller in it. God bless you and your son .

    Comment by lenwilliamscarver | July 13, 2013 | Reply

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