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Do You Have Passion?

I was sitting here thinking about passion today. No, not the sexual kind. I was thinking about how we all have things we are passionate about and those are the things we will sacrifice all to reach or accomplish. Some people will sacrifice the wrong things to get what they want and I think that is usually connected to greed. They will sacrifice family, loved ones and even themselves to acquire financial gain and being famous. But, there is a kind of passion that we all need to live in this world today.

We all need a passion to live and to love and to survive. That passion is what gets us up in the morning and keeps us going through the day. I am sure you have heard or even said “boy, they have a passion for life” and that is what we all need. Not a passion for possessions or money but a passion for living, tasting, loving life no matter where you find yourself. We will see many that just seem to have no passion for anything. It does not matter. We are responsible for ourselves and so we have to keep our passion going.

That passion is what has kept me going through the tough years of health. I have kept my passion for life and not let anything ruin that. It is a choice. I talk about choices a lot and all that we do in life is a choice. IF we really want something, then we sacrifice for it and we take our passion and work as hard as we can to make it happen. What is your passion?

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