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We all have an authentic self. It may not be the side we show to the world, but it is there in everyone. It is that core being that defines who we really are, what our beliefs really are, what or values are and it is the essence of us. Sometimes people will hide from their authentic self because they are afraid to show it. Maybe it is not what they want it to be, maybe they think it is bad, maybe they feel too vulnerable. But, it is our authentic self that is who we really are and so how do we keep that to the fore front?

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I raised my sons to know that the truth was always the most important thing and that they would get in trouble quicker for lying than for what they had done. I remember my oldest here when he got home from school saying “before anyone tells you, I want to tell  you myself Mom…I did such and such.”  Well, being authentic…finding your authentic self means being truthful with yourself as you look inward. We may not always like what we see but we need to be truthful about what we see. And then work to change what we do not like.

great-love-quotes_4218-0We all have a great capacity within us. Some will utilize that and some will not. I am a survivor and proud that I am because I have fought hard to be where I am at. I overcome and endure. When we are authentic, looking inside, we may see things and say things such as “hmm, I am not really as forgiving as I say I am or I am not really as honest as I say I am or I am not really as loving as I pretend to be”…whatever it is. And being able to look at ourselves with unfiltered eyes and see who we really are matter how the step to making our authentic selves the best we can be. And that is a look that does not compare us to others but just looks at our soul and see sees what is in it.

I remember living in the south hearing the expression “confession is good for the soul” and it is. And I also remember a pastor who said “confess your sins publicly for then you have really confessed when you must face others with the truth”.  I thought about that long and hard and I do not mean the confession where you go into a cubicle with a priest and tell your sordid sins. I mean where when you have done something, you face it and are willing to admit it to others.

I remember a long time ago, I was really ugly with someone and when my conscience got me, I went to her and apologized. But, not only did I apologize to her, I apologized to the group of friends we were in and told them I had been really ugly to this person and was really sorry. I actually allowed others to see the side of me that was not so pretty and you know what? It felt good instead of trying to pretend we are always so good to letting others see that we are just as human as anyone else. That is being authentic. That is looking at your authentic self and showing your authentic self to others.


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Being authentic also means being your true self. Do not ever let others sway you into being something you are not. We have all seen it where people will not speak out for what is right because they fear being rejected by others for being so authentic. They have then lost some of their authenticity by not being who they really are and acting like who they really are. Or people will wear certain clothes, take certain jobs, act in a certain way just to be part of the group. Always be authentic to yourself and with others even if that authentic self is some eclectic hippy, or an artist, or someone who is totally different from those around them. Always be authentic…unless you can be batman and save the world..then be batman. LOL

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