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Only Mark The Hours That Shine

                 “I only mark the hours that shine”

As I became sicker and sicker, I came to realize that this quote from the “Little Colonel” series was the only way to live. I have always attributed my ability to endure to my great faith in God and in knowing that only God knows when we will die and so I  leave dying up to God and I focus on living. And then one day I read the quote above and realized that it described my unique ability to survive with MOJO and with a smile…it is because all I try to focus on is the good.

Think about it for a few minutes….if we only keep the hours that shine as what we focus on…as what we choose to remember..then we are keeping that positive aura around us which is healing in itself. It is easy to hold on to the negative and whine and moan. It takes learning the art holding on to the positive and the “moments that shine” to keep happiness in your life. And I say the “art” of doing this because falling back into negative behavior is much easier than reaching for the positive and trying to remain uplifted.

For example, if I hold on to the things I CAN still do instead of all that I can no longer do, life has a happier outlook. If I hold on to the good things between those I love and me instead of the things not good, life is happier. If I hold on to the good things I choose to remember instead of holding on to the negative things…life is happier and is that not what all of us want….to be happier?

There will always be tough times, sad times, hard times, sick times, angry times…and so we need “the hours that shine” to help us through them. If you have trouble remembering those things, start today and only mark the hours that shine. Make a book and list all the hours that shine from your past and use it to remind you.

store up happy memories to reflect on in less than happy times.”

The Little Colonel Series

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