Let the Energy Flow

opener of doorsimage from https://www.facebook.com/HerWillToBeORnotToBe

I believe that life is energy and it is up to us to choose the energy we spend time on. There is negative energy and positive energy, flowing energy or passive energy but it all makes up life. I keep the energy flowing for me by trying to reach out to others. This blog is part of that reaching out.

My whole goal is to use myself as an example that may touch someone’s life and lift them up. There is enough turning backs on people and not helping others that when we reach out that hand to lift someone up, we start a chain reaction. We never know where that energy will flow. When we start an energy it is carried by the force behind it way beyond ourselves and I think about that often because I want to be someone who helps start the positive energy and have it flow away like a river.

Ralph Waldo Emerson talks about being a door opener and letting the energy flow. I do not think for one minute he meant physically open your front door but rather to be someone who was open to opportunities and to sharing of your happiness with another. Life is too short for the amount of bitterness and anger that seems to be in the world today. I can not live that way. I wake up each morning determined to find something to smile about no matter how bad I feel. It is just how I am.

Ever notice the ripples when you throw a stone in the river and they spread further and further away. That is how energy is…not matter what kind. It spreads beyond us and onto others and then we have fueled which ever kind of energy we are putting off and so, I always think about what kind of vibes I am sending. Yes, I get called a Pollyanna a lot, a do-good er and other names but you know what…maybe I am but I am a happy one. My days are not spent in anger or feeling sad or depressed or frustration or wanting to give up. I believe out the energy we send out should be the energy we want to receive and I want to receive happy, loving energy.

Sometimes we can be afraid to let our energy flow for there will always be people who do not like the positive energy we give off. I just accept that and learn to distance myself. Life is too short to hold on to things that bring us down. I let them go just like releasing a helium balloon. And I focus on life, living, loving, peace and happiness and sharing that with those around me. And of course, I focus on being a survivor…a happy survivor.

5 thoughts on “Let the Energy Flow

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  2. Your days are yours to spend as you wish. Why waste them all dwelling on the bad in life? I’m on your side. I work hard at looking on the bright side, too. I look for magic and wonder, and I generally find them. We all have them. Magic moments, beautiful treasures and special memories. The more we take them out and enjoy them, the happier we are. You are a philosopher for all ages. I’m happy to have met you. Warmly, Brenda

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