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Lessons I Have Learned In Life

I have learned many lessons in life and some were good and some where not, some where helpful and some were not and some taught me how to deal with life in general….and some did not. But they were all lessons.

I learned that there is a difference in existing and surviving. I prefer to survive not just exist.  I want to live and explore and taste life even from my limited one room world.

I learned that everyone you meet is a lesson. Some you may barely remember who they are after a short while, some you will remember with fondness and some you will always remember as they stayed in your life.

I have learned that the more I voice the things wrong, the more power I give to them. Why I do not like to discuss much about the things going wrong.

I have learned that being positive, smiling and being happy does not mean I am well. It just means I choose to do these things in spite of all that is wrong.

I have learned the difference in “love” and “loving from the depths of your heart”.  People throw the word love around as if it were a badminton birdie and no meaning is attached to it.

I have learned that dying is not the end. Having had two death experiences I can tell you there is a world beyond this and life beyond it. Dying is just the transition to the next world.

I have learned that just because people proclaim to be this or that, that I must look with my own eyes and decide for myself.  We have the ability to realistically and logically look at things and make decisions without pulling emotions into it.

I have learned the difference in true words of caring and love and those that ring hollow. If only people spoke from the heart there would be no difference.

I have learned that I must be me and not what others want me to be. I am loving, caring, peaceful, generous, slow to anger, happy, filled with joy, sensory and a survivor…and while those things may not always be what people like…they are still me.

I have learned that letting my children learn themselves was the right thing to do. Even now, while I live with my son, I allow him to do the house his way and take care of things his way. It is after all his home. I am blessed to be here.

I have learned that no matter how down physically I get, if I keep my positive energies going, I allow myself to be transported mentally to other places for relief, I believe that my body can take care of itself…then I eventually find myself through the maze of another crisis health wise.

I have learned that the best tranquilizer you can take is a day of quietness in nature. Try it sometime. Many will say..oh but it is so boring. And I want to laugh. Boring?  No, the best movie in town no matter where you are. Watch the animals, enjoy the art of nature, the colors, the sounds, feel the wind and the sun, taste the fragrances that float by. And soon you will find yourself relaxed and smiling.

I have learned that simplicity is best. The bigger house did not bring us the happiness and joy we sought nor any of the possessions. Once we cleaned out and moved into a smaller home with less to worry about, it was like 100 pounds was lifted off our backs. People race through life accumulating things, homes, cars, spending money like no tomorrow…and yet in the end…none of it goes with us. I would rather have time with my family than things.

I have learned that laughter is one of the most healing things you can you. Laugh often, with glee and joy, clapping your hands in excitement. If you can not find something to laugh about, look for it on the internet or out in life.  I laughed til I cried last nite over a dog video. It was so cute.

I have learned that I am responsible for only me. I am a loyal friend and when you hear me defend someone…keep in mind that I would put that much into defending you. I believe that friendships are not fleeting things that we just throw away because we do not like what someone says.

I have learned that not everyone is honest but most are as honest as they know how to be.

I have learned that the only one that can guard my heart is me and I must be the protector of my own heart and not allow others to trample on me.

I have learned that what others do I have no control over but that I do have control over keeping them at a distance and not letting them hurt me if I need to.

I have learned that what I always believed about honesty is true. I have always said do not lie to me and do not steal from me. Those are deal breakers. I may still smile and speak but I will never believe you again.

I have learned that there is more to food than the food on the table. We should all have a thirst and hunger for knowledge and learning.

I have learned that my faith carries me a long way. I do not do “religion” but I always do faith…faith is between me and my creator.

I have learned that people will always hurt you….if you let them …because they are human and do what humans seem to do.

I have learned that being a warrior is a hard job and often a lonely job….but that this too will a warrior survive.

I have learned that life may never be exactly what we want it to be but it can be what it is meant to me.

And I have learned how much I love sharing with you all in a blog. Hope your day has been blessed.

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  1. Agreed. {{hugs}}}

    Comment by Dayna McCleery | August 11, 2013 | Reply

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