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Life On Canvas

“Life is our own masterpiece and we are given a blank canvas at birth. How we fill the canvas is up to us. People create their own canvas and what is in their lives. Some still have a blank canvas as they are waiting on others to paint it for them. Some have a very gray canvas because they are timid or too afraid to try life and so only use the grays in life. Some have great explosions of color and wild lines on their canvas as they dart from experience to experience and while a colorful painting, it may have no direction or consistency. Some paint with firm, broad strokes while others paint in minute details and yet both can be beautiful. Some spend their lives copying the masters and never create their own image. Some have a painting that touches the soul and takes your breath away because of the beauty and emotion in the painting while some make us cringe because we see so much hardness, hatred, anger and primal emotion in it. It is all about the artists and we are the artists of our lives. Just like any form of artwork, contrast is needed to see the whole picture but too much contrast or too little contrast and the image is lost. And like any artwork, our canvas will last long after we are gone. Will it tell a story? Will it be an original? Will it be one that is displayed in the homes and hearts of loved ones or will it be one that is hidden behind the couch because the story it tells is not one people want to see? As long as it is authentic, that is all we need to worry about…creating a canvas that is true to ourselves.”  danLrene  2013

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