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Some years back, I embarked on creating serenity places within my home. Being home bound and being disabled like I am, I needed that serenity place to help me fight the battles of health. The more I studied about serenity and its importance for everyone in daily life, I began to realize that no matter where we are in life, we all need that serenity spot.  I love many ideas about Feng Shui especially when it comes to creating peace in your home. I started experimenting with things I researched and finally came up with some basic precepts to create a serenity place in the house.

A person’s life may be chaotic and stress filled but if they have that one room to come home to or that one spot that they can go and sit in for a little while, it refreshes one from the depths of their being. Many woman like to use the bathroom and bubble baths to create this serenity place. Others use their gardens and create special areas they can go sit in and read and relax. It does not matter where as all that matters is if it creates you an oasis of peace.


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I do believe that nature can be one of the most serene places in the world. Just look at the picture above and can you imagine just sitting there listening to the water and the birds and feeling the wind on your body….no television, no crowds, no computers, no talking….just serenity. We can not always change how our lives are and so creating a serenity space can help us live within the chaos of life today.  I accept that I am home bound and mostly bed bound. That does not mean I have given up or that I cease to fight. It means simply that I accept what will never change unless by a miracle of God. And by accepting, I can focus on living and quit trying to be what I used to be.  And so, I create my own oasis in my very small world here so that I can allow the negative energies to flow off and can refuel so that I can go on with my fight each day.


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Some of the things I learned about serenity in the home and creating a serenity area are that what we have in that area are crucial to creating the peace environment. Outside in the garden it is easier because we can plant plants and have trees around us that help shield us from the sound vibrations and bright lights, etc. But, inside is another matter and we have to create our own environment. Glass, brass and other metals, plants…all absorb sound vibrations. And so if you have a lot of these things in your space inside then the noise is cut down tremendously. I learned years ago that loud noises, bright lights, crowds, etc trigger my pain levels which make relaxing very hard. So, I use the things above to help tone down the noise. I use an ear bud …just one…to listen to soft music when I am trying to relax and even when I talk to people on the internet because it keeps the noise from distracting from my serenity space. I use softer lights all around me and have one bright light that pulls over my desk for when I want to read.

We all need that one private place that is quiet, peaceful, serene and helps us to shed the daily stresses that life throws on us. I think if more people went back to nature, they would find it there but in the rush, rush, rush of today’s society that is a hard task to do. So, if you can not get back to nature, maybe creating your own sanctuary inside your home…just one little spot be it an empty bedroom, a den, a room off the garage, your bathroom or your own bedroom…can give that relaxation area that refuels you so that life is easier to endure. My sanctuary is my one room world. I have in it things that make me smile, I have fans and glass and metal objects that help absorb the sound and plants. Sometimes I can sit in silence and hearing nothing but the whir of the fan and close my eyes and transport myself to where ever I want to be. I wish the same for you.

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