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Faith, Hope and Love

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Faith, hope and love and I add one more…charity, as “in charity of heart” not of pocketbook. Many do not have the means to give and give financially or materialistically to others but we do have within us to give of ourselves and our hearts. When we love it should be with abundance for it is the one free thing we have to give in this world and loving with abundance is having a charitable heart.  I have always kept within the confines of my heart those things. Yes, if we open them to others they can get trampled on and such is life. But, I always fight hard to not let anything take my safe haven deep inside me from me. I have to live with my conscience first and my heart has always been one that no matter how dark it got, I still had that tiny piece of hope in there to keep me going.

Like squirrels gathering nuts for the winter, people can often find themselves accumulating things that they feel is important at the moment…possessions, people, money,  and then one day the world stands still for them for it happens no matter how hard you fight time and we all look back and think “what was I thinking? ”  and sometimes “I wish I could go back and change things”.  So, we must be reminded that we are not guaranteed life and can not put off thinking we will get to it later.

Many rely on faith, hope and love and like the hippy in the Volkswagen van they cruise through life looking only to be loved and to love in return and to share of their hearts, to live in peace and with the hope that each day will bring something of true value…. hope that the peace, love and happiness  will not perish when the sun comes up, something that will remain deep in their hearts forever and something that will keep the that tiny twig of hope alive.

Choices…every day is filled with choices and for each choice comes consequences. Sometimes we are happy with the choices and sometimes we look back and regret them. But, they are still choices we made. Sometimes things in life are not our choice and we just try to hold on and ride through and pray we make it to through the storm with a heart that has not turned cold. And that is a choice. We may not can control everything that happens to us but we can control how we make it through it.

Faith, hope and love which is most important? I think somehow they are all intertwined but for me hope probably tops the list because if you have no hope then the rest will fall to the way side. Hope that you will make it through, hope that the next minute, hour, day, year will bring something better, hope that you have let those you love know just how much, hope that you will make it through another day. If you have the tiny spark of hope, then you can have faith that it will happen…faith that what your heart dreams of may come true. And love and charity just fall in there after all that. It is hard to love when you have lost hope…when you have no faith. So, perhaps the verse is true and no matter how you stack it, the greatest is love.

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