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I saw this video today and loved it because of the passion in the video, because it is a rock group singing the song and because of the old and new when it comes to our country and our military shown in it.  It is an awesome version and I hope it goes across the country. I find it strange how with some people, patriotism is like religion in that people will turn to it when things are scary and they fear being attacked but once that fear is gone or down, the patriotism fades. These singers inspire me with the loyalty to the country, with the praise of the country….all in one song sung when things are relatively ok…no 9/11 looming throwing them into panic to suddenly “be” patriotic. Awesome job they have done too.

video by Leak6

Does this mean I think our government and country is perfect? Far from it, but I do believe there is a lot of good in our country and a lot to be proud of. I believe in our country and I love my country. I can sit and pick it apart all day long and just like with anything, I will find something to complain about. What I do not get is why do the ones that want to tear the country down and always see the negative not unite to proclaim all that is good about the country.  If it were not good, all these people would not want to be sneaking into it. If we did not have freedoms that other countries do not have, we would not have so many immigrants coming across our borders. Why not start with what is good and work up from there instead of tearing it all down and screaming and ranting and trying to destroy what we have?

I am thankful for all our military that has fought and put their lives on the line for us and our freedoms. They have not only sacrificed their lives, they have sacrificed their home life by being gone all the time and the women and men left behind holding the fort down sacrifice too. I can not think of any country I would rather live in even with the problems we have that come from such big government; a country where we have the freedom to worship where we want, to go to school where we want, to work in whatever profession we want, have as many children as we want, to vote when we want, buy a house if we want, shop in any store we want  and the list goes on. That is freedom. Freedom to think and do.

America…home of the brave, home of the free…….and a country I love and am proud to call home. That does not mean we do not work for change. We do work for change…every life, every home, every place works for change that is good for the benefit of all…not in anger for when we work in anger nothing gets accomplished.



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