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Life is More Than “Just” This

Life is full of so many things for all of us. We have families, we have pets, we have likes, we have dislikes, we have jobs, we have sports, we have recreational events, we have fashions, sometimes we have children, we have artistic desires, we have books we like to read and I could go on and on with the list. But, sometimes it is easy to get lost in one thing and that is all we talk about  and then we wonder why people give that look that says “oh no, here they come again talking about THAT”.  Life is more than just one thing but when we lose focus and talk about nothing but one thing or only two things to the degree that those around us get sick of it, we need to look at ourselves and see if we have become locked into a pattern that is not good for us.

We can become obsessed on one or two things and lose sight of so much that is in life and of all the things that can bring us joy. This is one reason I do not focus on my health much but on things going on around me that bring me joy. I truly believe the more we give words to something the more we give it power over us and we become centered on just that and lose sight of all the good in our lives.

I have been around people who talked nothing but sports and I would find my eyes glazing over when they approached me because to be quite honest I am not a sports person. I can take it for a little while but I am just not into it that much and if I have to sit more than a little while listening to someone go on and on and on about sports, I find myself dreading talking to them.

The same thing happens with talking only about our children for in reality, our children are only special to us and we see cuteness when others do not. And as much as I love children, if that is all someone talks to me about…after a while I become dulled with it and it is not as cute anymore. That does not mean do not talk about them. It means put some variety in your conversation and talk about other things too.

And I know many people will relate to this one. The spouse comes home and all they talk about is work…work…work.  And then they wonder why their spouses walk off because they do not want to hear it anymore. They want to hear about other things. Just as the working spouse does not want to hear about all the problems at home and the laundry and cleaning, etc…all the time.

Notice I said talk about ALL the time. That does not mean do not talk about them but there are other things to talk about too and that is what this article is about. There is more to life than “JUST” this or “JUST” That.  If we become so locked into talking only about our work, our health, our problems, our sports, etc, we are losing much in life and we do make people not want to hear us. Even in the worst of times there are still so many positive things that we can include in our conversations. Life is so much more than JUST work, JUST health, JUST sports, JUST children, etc.  And if you find people getting that glazed over look when you talk or cutting the conversations short or even avoiding talking….stop and look at what you are talking about all the time and see if you have let yourself become focused on one thing to the point that people find it hard to talk to you.

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