Simply danLrene

Work Your Dream

I Can Not

I Can Not

I can not lead you

to your destiny

but I will walk  beside

you to set you free

I can not answer

your questions of life

Any more than I can answer

your questions of strife

I can but be here to

listen and comfort you

I can see the pain in

you all the way through

I know the pain as I have

swam the rivers of tears

I have walked and struggled

through all of life’s fears

You may struggle, you

may cry, you may fall down

all of life is a circle, did you

know the world is round?

The journeys are not new,

they just repeat like the sun

Rising each day, warming

the earth and bidding us run

What did your write in

your diary this wonderful day?

Was it all woes and troubles

or did you take time to play?

Did you see the scarlet

dripping from the setting sun?

Did you see the smiles

  you got one by one?

Do not let troubles steal

your life hour by hour

Show the world that

you are filled with power.

danLrene 2012

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