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I have heard for years the expression “misery loves company” and it is true. Those that are negative and miserable tend to gravitate towards those that are also miserable and negative because they want to find reinforcement in how they feel instead of working to change their attitude about it.  I am thankful that I have the happy and positive attitude that I do have no matter what is going on with me. That is not to say that I never shed a tear or never get upset because I do. What it means is I do not stay in that dark spot. I find the tiny speck of light and like a camper making a fire from sticks, I work on it and nurture it and make it grow until the light takes over the dark.

Sometimes I feel like this picture because so many around me at times are so negative and I am looking around thinking I am the odd man out. And believe it or not, those that are determined to be negative and complain will get angry at someone who is happy and positive in spite of what they deal with. And it can become even worse when you are a person that spends most of their time in a hospital bed and on oxygen in high chronic pain and you are still being positive as I was told once because “it makes me look bad”.  Well, sorry but I did not make you look bad. Your own attitude makes you look bad.

Smileyimage from

I have always been a person who, if I could not do it one way…I would find a new way. Son has always commented on how I use a power chair like no one he has ever seen. That it has become part of my body and I do not act like it is some foreign object. Well, I do use it like part of my body. I strap the seat belt on and I go. I had a room-mate once that hated …I mean literally despised her power chair and yet it was the key to freedom. All in how you view it. I actually when I feel well enough, take the vacuum and put my footrest up and place my feet on the top and hold the handle between my legs and vacuum with it. I tease son and tell him he needs to invent a power chair with a vacuum under it and hose attachments on the side. Can I do this often? No, but when I am physically able and son is cleaning, I will go into the living room with him and do the “walked areas” to feel like I am helping.

This is how I decided that I could do the computer from my hospital bed. I can not always sit up when I am feeling bad. So, I lay on my side and either put my arms out and type on the little flip down table by my bed or I pull the wireless keyboard over and lay it on my hip and type like the picture below. Or, I lay on my back with a pillow and place the keyboard on it and type away. Son installed a swing arm to bring my monitor over to me. I had two choices…lay here and moan and whine that I can do nothing and how bad I feel or create a new way to do it. And so we did.

Photo1536I am laying on my side here with my keyboard on my hip typing.

Be in charge of you. Take control of your own happiness and your life. Do not depend on others to make you happy or lift you up for people will always let you down or they can disappear. We have to make our own happiness and be our own positive force. And this is especially true for the disabled and chronically ill. Life is filled with choices and being happy is one of those choices. If a day starts off bad…start it over and make it glad. It is totally up to us and our expectations. If our expectation is that we should never have anything hurt or never feel bad or never have anything go wrong then we are setting ourselves up to fail. Life will always be filled with problems and it is up to us in how we deal with them. Today I woke up with a fever, sore throat, achy body and queasy stomach. I have two choices. I can lay and moan and groan and make myself more miserable and those around me miserable or I can find something to be thankful for…something to make me smile which in turn creates good endorphins in my body that help in healing. And those that know me know which choice I have taken.

kosh-daily-morning-random-quotes-2541image from

If we all start taking control of our own happiness and being responsible and working to change things when we feel miserable, then the odd man out might not be something that sticks out as different. Instead….we might all start to look like this. It is a choice and it is OUR choice. Choose to be positive.

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