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Remember the song  ♫♫ “this little light of mine…I’m gonna let it shine”♫♫ and how we sang it as children? I was reminded of it the day I came out of my bathroom and saw my room looking like a hospital room instead of my special safe haven filled with joyful things. As children, seeing the light seems to be much easier for we are not burdened down with all the things adults are. This is why children heal quicker than adults. They know how to keep that little light shining and keep hope alive.

I laid here thinking about how important light is to us as human…actual light. I do not get outside much due to health and so suffer with severe Vitamin D deficiency which happens to people not in the sun much. So, lack of certain kinds of light can affect us physically just as the winter months lack of sunshine can affect some people emotionally with SAD..seasonal affective disorder. Light is what we all need and some light we have to create ourselves.

What I realized was that when we allow ourselves…our minds…our actual bodies to be in darkness too much, it affects our overall well-being. Sometimes this darkness is the mood darkness we allow ourselves to fall into that affects us and all those around us. I soon realized the other day that because of being so sick from medical things and meds being used on me right now,  that my world had dimmed some from the lack of “light” and that is why I saw my room in a different view. I was not “turning on my light” and looking at what is still good and I adjusted that immediately.

Where I think some people have problems is they think others should turn the light on for them instead of making the effort to do it for themselves.  Depending on others for our happiness leads us into disappointment for people are human and will always fail in some way or disappoint us. Learning how to light up my own world became essential for me to survive. And that is a lighting up of how I view things. Sometimes this is adjusting my attitude and sometimes it is changing my environment.

If I get affected by the changing seasons, I light up my room physically with Christmas lights. I love the beauty of seeing them shine and twinkle in my room. But more importantly, I light up from the inside out and that is one of those choices we have.  I believe it is that tiny thing called hope that flickers within us that is the light.  I wake up every day with hope in my heart and begin looking for what I can do instead of what I can no longer do, of what I do have instead of what I do not have, of the love I am blessed with instead of the love I never found. I wake up counting my blessings instead of my miseries.

I turn on my own light and I make my own sunshine. I make myself get up and sit up in my chair. Know why?  Because I still have that option. I learned a long time ago that the more I just laid here, the more muscle I lost and that my time was coming soon enough anyway where sitting up may not be an option and I want to use all the options I have and not throw them away. Options light up our lives. Options are choices.

We have to be responsible for our own attitude and for how miserable we feel. We have to light up our own hearts and world around us for everything we do affects those closest to us. If we keep ourselves in the”darkness” of life, in all the thoughts of things we can no longer do or no longer have, then we are putting darkness on everyone and especially those closest to us. Just try it sometime and notice how your moods and your light or lack of affects the ones closest to you. I can see it in my son. If I allow myself to get down and just lay here and moan and groan, the atmosphere in the house changes and my son becomes quieter and stays back in his room. I want to spend time with my son….and know that letting my light shine draws him and others closer to me.

People have told me “Well, I can not pretend to be happy.”  Know what? I do not pretend to be happy either. I look for things to be happy about. I nurture and grow this happiness inside of me for it is not on the outside. I do not pretend to be happy, I am happy IN SPITE OF what is wrong with me. It is a choice and one I make daily and sometimes minute by minute but I make that choice. That is how I keep ♫♫ this little light of mine ♫♫ shining.

That is how I light up my world daily. I work at it and I always make sure to “turn the light on” myself instead of waiting on someone to do it for me or to entertain me. My mother was that way and wanted all of us kids to be at her beck and call and entertain her, so much to the point our father would call and say “Your mother is down. She needs you to come cheer her up.”

Get up and turn your light on folks and make it shine even on the cloudiest of days.  Find reasons to get up and move. Depression can lead you to just do nothing and lay around and all you do is dim your world and your life. Get up and even if it is in small sections of time….do some art, make your favorite special coffee or latte, sit and look out at the beautiful sunny day or watch the snow fall if you love snow, put on clothes that soothe your body instead of clothes that create more pain, find a book that takes you away in fantasy, or a movie that keeps your attention and brings you alive, hug your loved ones and talk to them….use your options while you still have them.

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  1. Soothing post. That song is one of the earliest ones I learned. My dad used to sing it with me. I think the message is an important one

    Comment by philosophermouseofthehedge | November 13, 2013 | Reply

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