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Optimism, it’s the best…

Could not say it better myself. Check out Dr. Sherry’s blog…full of great thoughts to bring joy to your day. LOVE THIS ONE>>>LOVE LOVE LOVE IT as it speaks right to what I talk about a lot.

Dr. Sherry E. Showalter - "Keepin It Real"

When you sit with the above picture for a bit; you realize that even when you are on your back, you have a great view… Those optimists, it’s at time the best way to see life! The view can be amazing, the sights like no other even if laying flat on your back. An optimist will find the good, will put on those rose colored glasses while telling you of color on a cloudy day. The silver lining might just be seen before anyone else has looked up.

Some will say the turtle has it made; they can just pull their head in and be right at home. The T.v,. bowl of popcorn all just a head move away from them after moving steady and slow through their destined path. Wherever they go, there they are!

One doesn’t have to see the glass half full, half empty in regards…

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