Our Sweet Little Turbo Puppy

A few days ago we had the scare of our life when our sweet Daisy got very sick.  She would not eat and was not going to the bathroom and went on to become lethargic and feverish. Son would walk around holding her trying to soothe her for her chest and stomach area hurt so badly that she would scream out if you picked her up wrong. I would hold her here wrapped in a little blanket and she would lay back and her head roll to one side. I wanted to cry seeing her like that.

cj daisy

I was not long before I realized she was getting dehydrated and we took turns giving her syringes of water which she took barely raising her head up off the bed. I wondered if she needed some nutrients like potassium so we started alternating with canned beef broth or canned chicken broth. After a while we saw she was starting to perk up a little bit but not much and so I decided she needed antibiotics for that temperature to get it under control and went ahead and started her on them. We have always kept pet antibiotics handy with our dogs. And I am so thankful we did start as we almost lost our little turbo puppy.



After a day or two of doing this and seeing her not improve, we called the vet and took her to him. He said we were on the right track and to keep doing it. He gave her a booster shot of antibiotics and some pills for pain as he could tell she was hurting. He said she had a really bad infection and it was a good thing we started on the antibiotics like we did. We could have lost her.

Now she is doing better but not totally well but rather spoiled. 🙂  She shows a little spunk and plays and then has to sleep cause she is still weak but the good news is she will eat and drink by herself now though she still comes up and wants us to give her water syringes. And we gladly do. It is so nice to see her playing with her nylabone toys and to try to talk to the bird, Misty. He and she have quite a relationship.



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