Dreaming For Others

I have dreams but I also dream for others. I care about what others dream of and what they want to accomplish in their lives and I try to support them when I can. And today, I am dreaming for a friend of mine. Her name is Dr. Sherry E. Showalter.


She is a keynote speaker and an author and her newest book has been out now on the market for a month. This is her third book. All of her books are about survival and life. They all inspire and motivate you to make it through the hard things in life.

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Her newest book is getting great reviews and has only been out for a month and I am so proud for her. That book is Down The Hallway and is a book that will captivate you from the beginning and you will not want to put the book down until the very end.

Some of the reviews on Amazon  and Barnes and Nobel say:

“I am half way through – cannot put this down. It is like Sybil meets the Dali Lama meets Mommy Dearest – INTENSE but SO Good. I love the format of journal entries – an entry from the “Doc” and an entry from the patient. So it flows really well and is just REALLY GOOD. This apparently is a TRUE story and my god this poor amazing brave woman – I cannot wait to see how she gets better. -i hope she got better!!!”

“This book will “sit you down” and keep you mesmerized from one page to the next. Well written, and easy to understand. This is a publication that should be included in everyone’s personal and professional library. I have read this book 3 times, and purchased more for gifts. You will not be able to put it down !!!!!”

“WOW I can’t put this down. What a great book !!!! This should definitely be on the NY Times Best Seller List.”

“I have watched the movie the Three Faces of Eve and even heard about the book Sybil but when I came across this book, it intrigued me as I have a friend that is DID. This book draws you in and keeps your attention to the point it is hard to put it down. A friend of mine sent me this book as she loved it so much that she thought I would enjoy it. I love the fact that there are actual journal entries and artwork by this person called Charmaine. I have to agree with the author in that this book humanizes the disorder DID and helps those of us that do not have it or have not been around it much have a better understanding and be more compassionate about it. I can not even begin to imagine what this woman Charmaine went through all her life.”

“Amazing book, I am not a “reader” , but I finished this book in record time – you just can’t put it down. This is definitely a must read!
The actual journal entries are awesome, you really feel “in it” when reading this book. Can’t wait till the movie comes out !”

“I read a lot of books, and few have had the impact that this book has had. I battled between having to set it aside for a bit of time to let what I had just read settle in my mind….and having to pick it back up because I HAD to know what happened next. This woman’s courageous journey and Dr. Showalter’s amazing spirit while walking with her make this a must read.”

“DOWN THE HALLWAY… I am avid reader. That being said, “Down the Hallway ” is one of the most enthralling, informing and amazing stories I’ve ever read. The book flows with ease and intensity. The author’s free format style captures your attention immediately.I became enticed by the of compassion and horror that unfolded with each turn of the page. Truly , the hours flew by as my mind was totally engaged in the story of Charmaine and her heroic effort to piece together the puzzle of the Alters alive in her brain. I now understand DID .. and found myself cheering for her and her Doc as they ventured into the complex hallways of Charmaine’s brain. I am now re-reading for the second time, it was THAT brilliant !”

“After literally falling into the book and reading it from cover to cover, I can honestly say it is one intriguing and fascinating story. I love true life stories. This book is laid out with sections by the therapist, sections from the journals of the woman with DID and artwork done by the person called "Charmaine". It flows through and you are left wanting more at the end of each section. I carried it around and could not put it down. I did not think I would be interested but it is spellbinding as the author tells of meeting each of the alters and even having altercations with. I recommend this to all…but keep in mind it is an adult book.”

“I loved this book. The characters are fascinating. It is well written with many complex twists and turns. The way it is written with journal entries from the main character, and the detailed descriptions from the therapists perspective kept me engaged throughout the entire story. Don’t be intimidated by the size of this book, you won’t want to put it down. I finished it wanting a sequel immediately. I knew nothing about DID when I started it but was familiar with the author’s two prior books and thought I’d enjoy this one too. This is without a doubt a must read. Every other book I have read this year pales by comparison. I LOVED it, each and every page. This book will be my favorite gift to everyone on my holiday shopping list!”

 I hope you will order yours and read this brilliant book that is composed of journal entries from the client she calls “Charmaine”, artwork along with her own writing of the events of their time together. This book is outstanding and all her books are true to life and filled with wisdom that will bless your life and give you greater understanding. I have read this book and it truly is so good that I could see it in a movie. It is written in story form easy for the lay person to understand. It is not an instructional manual or textbook. I believe it gives greater insight into this thing called Dissociative Identity Disorder than any book on the topic that I have ever seen and I believe it will raise awareness and understanding for those that have a loved one with DID.

I am proud to call Sherry my friend. She is Native American and her wisdom she carries with her from her ancestors is inspirational. She was a First Responder at the Pentagon during 9/11. She is a Disaster Mental Health Specialist, Grief Counselor, Therapist and so much more.  She also spent over 25 years working in Hospice and was awarded the National Heart of Hospice Award for Psycho-Social-Spiritual Care-giving by the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization. She is a one of a kind keynote speaker and speaks about “loss, grief, hope in healing, interventions to restore buoyancy in care giving and business settings”.  Some areas combine departments from different counties to order to bring her to speak because she is that good.

Her professional website is http://www.sherryeshowalter.com/

So, today I honor the dream of my friend and I am doing my best to help her carry her dream forward and rejoice with her on every wonderful review that comes out on her new book. You would be amazed at how much joy you can get from dreaming with others. And I think you would be surprised at how much fun it is to allow others to dream with you.

And to my friend I say….DREAM BIG….never stop dreaming and my dream for you is for your book to reach all the heights you are dreaming of. I salute you and I support  your dream. Wado my friend for all you do to help others.

3 thoughts on “Dreaming For Others

  1. I am honored friend, thank YOU for dreaming the dream that I am living! I know you have readers all over the world and I thank you for sharing the books with them, may they enjoy the read and the journey of Down The Hallway! blessings to you and great love.

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