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The Gilded Cage

The Gilded Cage

Little bird with broken wing~captive in a world of haze
Frantically searching to escape~lost in the corridors of a maze
Held by bonds invisible to the eye`the little bird flutters in vain
Though only hurt by a broken wing~the heart was becoming maimed

Caged in glass the world is elusive~like strangers in the night
The little bird cries from fruitless attempts~and her spirit has lost its fight
Her home is adorned for all to see~her cage is gilded in gold
“I give you everything you need~You should be happy” she is told

But all the glitter and all the shine~Can never fill the need
of this little bird’s pitiful cry~”I only want to be freed”
Her cries are silent, her tears are dry~her wings bruised from beating in vain
No one understands at all~her deep and yearning pain

Sitting motionless on her little perch~staring aimlessly through the glass
She is offered precious goodies~but the pleasure does not last
Spring turns to summer~And summer to fall
But time does not lessen the pain~and her unhappiness she tells to all

Weary of hearing her cries~when her cage is adorned in gold
Never understanding her needs~her cries are becoming old
Deserted and alone she begins to molt~her plumage turns to crimson
Her songs loud and wild~A battle she thinks she has won

Where has the broken bird gone~What kind of game is this?
With a strut and haughty laugh~she just blows us each a kiss
Everyone is overjoyed~as they begin coming back
Never realizing it is a ruse~she is putting on an act.

Thinking the worst is over~She has become accustomed to her cage
The truth lies in her diary~As the tears cover page after page
The cage is opened occasionally~But the presence is always nearby
So, escape is still a dream~And she is too sheltered to try

Company is what she needs they say~A tiny little child
But peace this does not bring~For she still hears the call of the wild
One day she flies away~With the child under her arm
But the presence draws her back~With all his sweetness and charm

A taste of freedom lingers on~ Escape is planned again
But, alas company is coming~Will she ever, ever win?
Once again the haze returns~Dispair fills her mind
No matter what the presence offers~No matter how sweet or kind

Pain fills her days~Tears take over her nights
The little bird has once again~Lost the will to fight
She wanders listlessly around by day~Tiny chirps never entering her haze
Her nights filled with tormented dreams~of her beautiful gilded cage

To soar and fly through the air~Over mountains and valleys so low
This little bird is haunted~By the desire to get up and go
The little bird is haunted by day~The dreams take over her bed
Discontent permeates the air~For the life that she has led

She calls on the older bird~and cries out all her woe
The older bird tells her~”Baby, just get up and go
The cage is no longer locked~The door swings to and fro
There is no reason little one~that You can not pack up and go.”

From being caged so long, she is afraid~that she will not know how to fly
So, even when the door is open~the little bird is afraid to try
Hesitating, she cries out in despair~ I do not know…I do not know
Uncertain whether to remain inside~Or to just take off and go

She staggers back into the cage~indecision clouding her heart
Even when given the chance~she does not know how to start
Everything looks brighter outside~the yearning growing strong
Her melody floats through the air~that is where she belongs

Day by day her courage mounts~she is ready to make a break
Dashing through the door, babes in hand~that is all she wants to take
The older bird receives a call~I’m on my way the message said
I finally got away today~please fix the baby’s bed

Through the rain a distant sound~the frantic beating of wings
Soon mother and babies are in sight~I am free, I am free she sings
Though escaped from the gilded cage~the little bird trembles in fear
I know he will come after me~I can feel his presence near

The presence never shows his face~he makes a simple call
Is she there he wants to know~I want her happy that is all
willing to let her try the taste~of the freedom of the land
He does not try to get her back~he never raises a hand

The little bird settles in~her new life ready to start
The excitement growing by bounds~with every beat of her heart
Fluttering here and there~tasting everything in sight
Thrilled with her new life~and loving the evening lights

Never being on her own~the little bird did not know
That the world out there~was not one continuous show
The babies were left with the old bird~as she played here and there
Living her life as she pleased~as if she did not have a care

The old bird tried to teach her~life is different out here she would say
But the little bird would not listen~she only wanted to play
If she ever had a need~if there was something she could not get
The little bird would beat her wings~and throw a temper fit

Although she wanted to be free~from the presence in her life
It was he that she called~at the first signs of strife
And patient and loving that he was~he filled her every need
But the little bird was too caught up~to appreciate his loving deed

The little bird wanted to taste life~and all the birds there in
She strutted her fine plumage~as another bird she tried to win
But, once the game was over~and he arrived at her door
the little bird was not content~she wanted so much more

The new bird gave her gifts~but the little bird was not content
she badgered the new bird for presents~and was not happy with any he sent
Freedom was not bringing joy~her heart was filled with pain
She sat around for days~crying tearful songs out in the rain

One night the little bird lost control~as she frantically banged into walls
she grabbed the babies and left the house~stopping only to make a call
she left in flight, the old bird knew not where~everyone searched all around
Never knowing she flew straight through~back to her home town

She had called the presence to her aid~she would come home, she had said
Please, I do not want to talk~just fix us all a bed
Again the little bird sits in her gilded cage~for all the world to see
Her wing is still broken inside~because she does not know the meaning of free

And company is coming once again~to the gilded cage you see
And while she loves them all~she still yearns to just be free
She can not see that her wing has healed~and the gate is open wide
She has built her own gate called fear~and shuts it to stay inside

© danLrene 1989

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