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Authenticity:The Best Gift You Can Give Others

I know this is the holidays and everyone is out buying and hunting gifts to give others and that is all grand. I think in life in terms of daily life and not just one holiday. I believe that the best gift you can give others is authenticity. If you live your life being authentic, being real, being honest and no guile, then you have gifted everyone around you for they know that what they see is what they get.

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I am sure some are saying “but what about those that are bad, mean, and have characters less than what we expect in this world”?  Well, if they were authentic then we would know exactly what they were and people might not get pulled into relationships or situations thinking it is one way and finding out later with much pain that it is not what it seems.

Many mistake honesty for being rude, abrupt or “telling it like it is”.  I do not believe that. I believe that you can say how you feel in a kind and loving way even if you disagree with them. As long as I know how a person really feels, then I have no problems with it nor do I feel the need to change their minds. We do not all have to agree to get along. I just think to have any kind of real relationship with others, we need to be authentic in all we say and do so that people know us where we stand. We are each unique and should only try to be ourselves…be a person who knows who they are and works daily to improve themselves and live authentically.


I bet everyone has wished at one time or another that they had known that “so and so” was the person they were and had not been fooled, hurt or disillusioned. This is why authenticity is so important. If you are a sweet, loving person and open and honest, then it is good for people to know that. And if you are someone who has trouble with boundaries, has trouble telling the truth, has trouble not taking what is not yours to take, etc…then if you live authentically, people know what to expect.

Someone asked me once many years ago, why I continued to befriend a certain person who was known to lie and steal. My reply was…because I know that he does that and so I am prepared for that but most of all, I go into the relationship/friendship with my eyes wide open. We tend to take flaws and paint the whole person with the brush. We never stop to look behind and see why the person acts this way. If we stop looking, we miss half the picture. And if people just live authentically, the world might move with more harmony.

I think about politicians and how it is to the point that I no longer trust anything ANY of them say. They have lied, done what they want, ignored the people who put them in office, etc. So, when they do something I am not surprised. Where I got upset was when they “pretended” to be something they were not, pretended they cared about the American people and pretended they were going to fix the problems in the country. That is NOT authenticity. Had they been authentic, I might have voted for them anyway but at least I would vote knowing the true picture.

So, how about you. Are you living your life authentically? Are you being the real you? Or are you still trying to please everyone around you. Some danLrene older than dirt wisdom:

“If you can not live with yourself, by yourself as YOU, you will never live with someone else.”

We have to be authentic with ourselves too. How many times have you said you would love to do something or loved this or that when inside your head was screaming NO NO NO? If you are doing that, you are not being authentic with yourself. You will never be authentic if you are still trying to please or impress everyone around you by doing what they want instead of what you want or feel.

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