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What Happened To Tolerance???

I do not normally rant on my blog…but be forewarned…this IS a rant.  Please take the time to read the news article below about a school that decided to have a concert and sang “Silent Night” in the concert only they removed all reference to Christ the Savior and Lord, etc. Excuse me, and if you do not like fast. What the hell did they think that song was about? It is about Christ so why are you removing the meaning of the song? Their answer….to keep from offending others of different faiths.

I am sick of this “removing Christianity so as to not offend some”. What about the Christians that ARE being offended when you do that. WHY???  Why would you take Silent Night which is ABOUT Christ and remove him from it? If Christians do not start standing up…soon we will not have any religion left. I do not think any religion or non religion should take precedence over any other but to denigrate and that is what it religion to not offend all the others is wrong…absolutely wrong.

I agree with what one person commented on this article below. Instead of teaching that we should remove and censor everything perhaps we should be teaching tolerance for others. I have friends that are Jewish and I tell them Merry Christmas, they tell me Happy Hanukkah. I am not offended and neither are they. It is their holiday..and it is mine. Just one more right slowly disappearing and why is it always the “Christian” belief that is attacked?  Are people so weak in what they believe in that they must “level down” others of different faiths? That is what it is….when you tear down are leveling…bring them down to where you are. Why not rejoice that people have something they believe in?

And kudos to the parents who got up and walked out of the concert when they realized what had happened. And they went and did a formal complaint to the Board of Education who said it would not happen again. Which means, by the way, that any Christian songs will not be picked again. They said a Hebrew song was sung but it was not religious. I guess they decided to not rewrite Hebrew. Watch out other faiths…soon there will be no five candle holders or other religious customs for your faith too. If it can happen to our faith…it can go on and happen to yours.

All of this PC stuff has gotten to the point of being ridiculous and no wonder we are a divided nation. We are the melting pot and we used to know how to respect other cultures and faiths. What has happened to us?  Instead we are turning into a country of narrow-minded bigots and I am so saddened by it all. Soon, we will not even be able to say “good morning” to someone for someone somewhere will be offended and rush to have it removed from the English language.

Well, I am a Christian…a person of faith. That is between me and God. I am not fond of “religion” because that is man-made. But I try to give respect to all religions and faiths and ask that I be respected the same way. I try not to force my religious views on others but I live my life as a person of faith. And I can tell you this woman was offended by what this school did and I am voicing my disapproval… which is my right least for now…. under the “freedom of speech” law we have in this country.

Just one more thing making me ashamed of those that run our country and those that are in positions of power using their beliefs or their fears of not being Politically correct to destroy other’s faith. And for the record….it is not a “Holiday Tree” Washington…it IS a Christmas tree. You can call it that but it will always be a Christmas tree in our home just as Silent Night will always be about Christ.

End of rant.

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  1. There used to be real tolerance: you can believe as you wish, and I will believe as I wish. We shall agree to disagree, yet still be friends and have civil talks.
    Now it seems we’ve encouraged the “poor little victim” mentality. Must intervene so someone (whoever they are wherever they are…I don’t know whom, but there’s bound to be someone who’s cause I am championing even though they haven’t asked….) won’t possibly feel sad or different.
    Hey everyone is different. Why insist we all be alike.
    Freedom of speech and religion doesn’t mean only the one you like should be honored or “right” and everyone must conform.
    Really fed up with all the must be neutral nonsense. Be brave and speak up people.

    Comment by philosophermouseofthehedge | December 24, 2013 | Reply

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