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The Day After Christmas

The Day After Christmas

It’s the day after Christmas and all through the house
Everyone is creaking and groaning, even the mouse
Tummies are still full, the stockings pulled down
But everyone is still smiling, no trace of a frown

Everyone is still buried deep in their beds
with piles of pillows covering their heads
The children are eating and making a mess
and adults are hiding from after Christmas stress

When suddenly the phone rings with such a clatter
as the phone hits the wall with a great a splatter
The in-laws are coming, quick hide all the trash
Mom and Dad run to the window in a flash

When what to their wondering eyes did appear?
A mini van with the in-laws and all of their gear
More rapid than eagles they flew to the door
dragging grandma and grandpa, they came all four

We saw the in-laws and the occupants from inside
And everyone in the house all began to run and hide
Voices rang through the door to lively and clear
We all stopped in our tracks trembling in fear

We are here for a week they exclaim through the door
And Aunt and uncle are coming and even some more
We knew in a moment this must be a mistake
We had told them all we were going to the lake

We peeked again to make sure who is outside
And we realized we have no reason to hide
Tis the neighbor’s in-laws and family and more
We told them they had come to the wrong door

And what to our horror should suddenly appear
A letter from their DIL saying to come over here
We sprang to our van, to the kids gave a whistle
threw open the garage door and flew like a thistle

We lowered the window and gunned the gas
And away we all flew like a lightning flash
But we yelled out the window as we drove away
Try the neighbors next door, we are not here today

©danLrene  2013

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  1. Great fun poem!!

    Comment by Libby | December 28, 2013 | Reply

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