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Best Book I Have Read On Dissociative Identity Disorder


I have posted about this book when it first came out in October and since then have read it multiple times and each time I see something new in the story. The reviews on it are really good and to me actually are authentic in what they say. This book captured me from the get go and held me in its grip until the very end. It is a gift to all those suffering with DID and their families and friends for it tells it in a way that is so real and so authentic that one feels as if they are right there sitting in the room. It helps loved ones understand what their family member with DID is going through and creates a better understanding so that all those with DID and those around them can come to the healing they need.

You will laugh, cry, become bug-eyed, feel the pain and the triumph of the woman called Charmaine in a way no other book has done. Watching both Charmaine and her therapist endure this journey is like that of watching a marathon runner that will not allow themselves to stop before the finish line.  The drawings, journal writings and photos all help to spin you into the true story of Charmaine and her journey. And it is over 600 pages of authentic story.

Many have put their reviews out and everyone so far has given this book a five-star rating. I read it the first time in 24 hours because I had to know what happened as did it seems many of those that bought this book. I carried it around, sat and ate while reading it and even took it to the bathroom with me. We are all on a journey in life and some are tougher than others. Down The Hallway tells the story of one extremely tough journey and the walk through hell.

I just read another blog post on Down The Hallway and as you read it, you will see that not only am I saying this but many are. I love Dave Roberts thoughts on the book for they seem to parallel what everyone is saying about this book. I truly believe this book would be an awesome movie if only someone would take the time to promote it to a producer.

Dave’s Blog link:

Just a sampling of other reviews on Down The Hallway. If you want to read them all, you can find them on

This review is from: Down the Hallway (Kindle Edition)

I don’t normally read books on these type of subjects.They are either written in dramatic psychobabble used deliberately by the therapist to show his or her superior intellect or they are written by charlatans who like some parlour magic trick conjure up the Dissociated personalities of their subjects by calling out to speak to each personality; as if they (the multiple personalities) are all standing on some type of classroom line within a person’s psyche waiting to be called upon. In “Down the Hallway” none of that type of nonsense went on. Therapy happened. And as a result these different personalities all at one time or another began to manifest themselves without the knowledge of the patient. They weren’t called upon or conjured up for dramatic effect. They appeared as a result of repressed memories. They were the memories of a childhood, the protector of the clan, the mother of the group and more.
No one, neither patient nor doctor knew who would manifest, nor did they know why certain personalities even existed. That is, until therapy delved deeper into the reasons the patient needed these (or thought she needed) people to survive. Dr. Sherry Showalter walks through this maze of disassociated personalities holding the hand of the patient reassuringly, helping her to realize that she has to own her past to regain her future. That it’s possible to live life without pain, fear or guilt. Together they unravel the mystery, and both come to journey’s end together. This happens through a series of therapy sessions and journal entries made both by the doctor and the patient. I highly recommend this book if you were ever skeptical about such matters. The disease does exist and is not just some parlour trick conjured up on an afternoon talk show. Dr. Showalter walks the reader through her work with this patient in easy to understand language, without a lot of unnecessary medical jargon. It’s a fascinating read from start to finish.

This review is from: Down the Hallway: The story of one woman’s journey with Dissociative Identity Disorder (Paperback)

By the time I read the first few pages, I was hooked! Charmaine’s story is fascinating, heroic and one of hope, strength and courage. She takes this amazing journey with her therapist, Dr. Showalter, who is the author. As the reader, you go through a range of emotions yourself, from sadness over the tragic abuse of a child, to shock as each Alter presents itself, to happiness as the warrior within Charmaine emerges. It is hard not to fall in love with Charmaine, all the more knowing that her story is one of true and personal discovery. Dr. Showalter’s honesty is refreshing, while her depth for empathy is never-ending. Don’t miss a rare opportunity to dive into the life of someone dealing with Dissociative Identity Disorder and the therapist who opened her heart and mind to gain her trust.

This review is from: Down the Hallway: The story of one woman’s journey with Dissociative Identity Disorder (Paperback)

I am half way through – cannot put this down. It is like Sybil meets the Dali Lama meets Mommy Dearest – INTENSE but SO Good. I love the format of journal entries – an entry from the “Doc” and an entry from the patient. So it flows really well and is just REALLY GOOD. This apparently is a TRUE story and my god this poor amazing brave woman – I cannot wait to see how she gets better. -I hope she got better!!!

What better way to start a new year than to read such a  captivating book that will inspire you on your own journey and encourage you to never give up.

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