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Recognizing and Celebrating The Journey

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I saw this quote on another picture on a friend’s page earlier today and it got me to thinking. We are all on journeys and some are very hard journeys. It does not mean that our journeys are separate unless we want them to be. It simply means that some people have journeys that seemed filled with ease and others that seem to struggle. The truth is we all struggle at times and that is why we need each other.

This quote actually hit a note with me because it is so true. People love the end result but find it hard to look at the struggle that people go through to get there. I find that now with the treatment going on and me looking so bedraggled and pale and sickly. But that look is part of my journey and my fight to make it to the finish line. It is only sad if a person chooses to see it that way. I look in the mirror and no, I do not see the person I was a couple of years ago because I have battled and endured so many things. I do not like looking haggard or sickly but I also know that what I see in the mirror is a warrior and a warrior that refuses to just give up. And I hope that my joy inside me shines through the looks of sickness and pain.

People automatically want to fix whatever is wrong with those they care about which is a wonderful trait. But, sometimes if they would just walk beside us…that would mean more instead of trying to tell us not to feel sad or upset or hurt or whatever. Just walk beside us and see how hard our journey is and the beauty that comes from making it through the “shadow of the valley of death” and coming out with our butterfly wings.

Perhaps if people viewed struggles like they view athletes, they might see a different picture. For example, photographers show athletes with sweat dripping from them as they struggle to make the last mile in the relay or to make it through that wall of opposing football players and people think it is beautiful.  So, why not see the struggles of daily life in that way. Why can an image of me sitting here on the edge of the bed with sweat rolling off of me, my hair stuck to my head and me holding a cup of cold coke against my forehead not be beautiful? It is winning every time I get through it. It takes love to get through these battles…true love. And many equate true love with romantic love. No, true love is what we should have for family, family of choice, friends AND that special someone.

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Yes, we go through changes as we struggle and those changes can be beautiful. We do not have to totally dispense of  the old because we have struggled to make it through this journey of life . That is called a choice. And many people choose to make that choice. They do not want to be part of a loved one’s journey anymore or watch their struggle any more and so they abandon them because it is easier. I do not believe in that. If I love people, I love them in spite of what they are going through….how they act or do not act….how hard their journey gets….what they can or can not do anymore…I remain someone who loves them anyway because I see the beauty in their journey. I am not afraid of their pain, their sorrow, their tears, their anger, or their sickness because I believe in the power of love. Even when I have sat and held the hand of those who were dying, I could see the beauty of the ending of their journey here on earth as they walked into the next world to start the next part of their journey.  I believe in recognizing the journey of another. How about you? Can you see the beauty in the journey to become the proverbial butterfly? Can you see the beauty in overcoming pain, sorrow, etc?  Can you celebrate the journey along with the end result?

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  1. Thank you for your wise words of insight and encouragement. You have challenged and blessed me at the same time. You have encouraged me to view struggles in life as steps towards victory and to see the beauty of each step. How blessed is one to have you go along side them as a friend. I will keep you in prayer as you continue your life’s journey. You are beautiful!

    Comment by Donna | January 4, 2014 | Reply

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