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In My Head I am Fine

People have often asked me how I keep such a good attitude about my health and my response has always been “because I never think of myself as chronically ill or disabled”.  The truth is I do have my moments of tears and down times…the key is I just do not stay there. I had to learn how to separate my health from my emotions for if I did not, I might be crying all the time. I just believe that we are in control of ourselves and how we deal with things and I choose to deal with my life with the attitude of someone grateful for what I have, thankful for making it this far and willing to fight to keep going with joy in my heart.

I recently saw Mitch Albom, an author, speak on a television show about health and how he endures life. He said that  inside his head, he was fine as far as his visual of himself. If he opened his eyes, there was his body with all that is wrong. But he chooses to focus on the person inside his head and sees himself well and good and I believe that is the key. Our minds are amazing things and can help us over come many things. Studies have proven that those that have a positive attitude tend to live happier lives  and do better because they do not let the negative rule how they live. Albom said that in the mornings he gets up and makes his way to the kitchen for coffee with his wife. He has ALS  (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) and he said the first thing they do when they get to the kitchen and sit down to drink coffee together is to pray and thank God for getting them that the kitchen together. Anything after that was the “cherry on the icing”.

People have achieved great things just because of their determination and their attitude and some people have just withered and literally atrophied from life because of determination to make sickness and disability what determined who they were. I believe visualization is a huge key in dealing with chronic health issues or chronic pain and/or disability. I visualize myself whole and healthy…still that young woman with two small kids who raised them on her own and who was both father and mother. I look for joy and good things in my life where ever I can find them because in my head…I am also very happy. I am the best dancer around, albeit bed dancer but hey, I can make moves like you have never seen.

Our brains are these miracle things that can take us places and help us do things  we never dreamed of doing all because we visualize it. And so I end this blog with my poem called The Last Dance and once you read it…you will get it.

The Last Dance

With wisps of hair across her beautiful face

Tears on her cheeks your finger could trace

She stood there with head bowed in humble prayer

Feeling as if she were the only one that cared

She closed her eyes and listened once more

To the music that always drew her to the door

The music rose in tempo and sound

She knew her time was coming around

Was her dream to dance just one last dance

And she knew tonight was her only chance

Rising on toes, she danced across the stage

Her body tensing up for the very next page

As she jumped to twirl up in the air

She suddenly felt his hands right there

He lifted her higher than she had ever flown

And twirled and danced  better than she had ever known

He molded himself to her as if one

And remained there lifting her until the dance was done

The applause thundered and echoed around the room

And she felt as if life had just started to bloom

As the sounds died down, she smiled with tears

Not being able to dance was one of her fears

Then she opened her eyes and looked around

Oxygen hoses and hospital beds are what she found

As she glanced down she saw her toes pointed down

And she knew only her attitude kept her bed bound

No matter what happened she could dance so free

She just had to close her eyes and the stage she would see

danLrene  2013

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  1. Your writings are such great inspirations.Thank you.

    Comment by Miss Soul | January 19, 2014 | Reply

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