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I have a dream and have had this dream for years. As my health declined, the dream moved further away from me but I still dream it. So, I am sharing it here on this day January 18, 2014 because last night I dreamed about it again and woke with it on my mind. I lay here in the dark thinking of how it could touch so many disabled/ chronically ill/elderly people’s lives. And I dream that people quit putting us in boxes and judging us by what we no longer have or no longer can do. What better example to use than Susan Boyle in American Idol where people in the audience and the judges smirked and rolled eyes because she was not your usual “pretty girl” singer and because she was 47 and felt she surely had no talent. And you could tell they thought her dream of becoming a professional singer was ridiculous. And she proved them wrong.

video by UKAdvertChannel

For so many of us disabled, elderly and chronically ill, much of movement has been taken from us and that is a huge loss. I was always so active and being divorced, I served as mother and father. So, I was doing things that required movement and energy. I was “the parent to go to”  if the kids in the neighborhood pulled the rope out of the pulley on their go-carts for I could fix it in no time flat. I was the one that the kids threw the football with, ran with, jumped rope with, bicycled with and the list goes on. And then one day….it was gone. I had to figure a new life and I did. But, I still dream of movement and of dancing in my power chair in that huge open space with my ribbons and turning around and raising my arms to the ceiling in triumph with a smile on my face.

I sat in my power chair one day watching “ribbon dancers” as they waved the long ribbons in harmony and I dreamed of a way to do this in a big gym and doing it in my power chair like a power chair ice skater. I close my eyes and I can see it. I feel myself lean over with my back arched just a little and my arm raised and in my “mind’s eye” I can see my leg raised behind me and my chair is the other leg as I roll around the gym and ride backwards and go in circles…the whole time holding my ribbon up so that it is floating in the air.  Can you visualize?

video by wtcvidman

That visual has stayed with me for several years and I still dream of a way to make it true for me and for others like me. Oh, what a glorious feeling of freedom that would be. The day I got my power chair, I felt like someone set me free and I rode it til the battery died…inside, outside, down the road and back feeling the wind blow on my face…FREEDOM.  I would ride in my power chair beside my precious granddaughter as she was learning to ride the bike. and hold the back of her seat with my left hand and drive my chair with my right hand. My chair became part of my body.

And then my dream began, wishing for a way for everyone to feel that freedom and express their artistic inner self in a setting where they could feel beautiful and filled with success. I can close my eyes even now and visualize how I would dance as a power chair “ice skater” and turn and use my shoulders and arms and head to show a body lift with my ribbon in hand. Can you visualize it?

I also dream of this huge building filled with instructors and open spaces to accomplish these things. We have enough huge, empty buildings from businesses that closed ..even Disney has them…where this could be done. And I dream of special, padded harnesses that allows people like us to sit on a low trapeze and someone swings us as we hold our ribbons and do our own limited movement version of the trapeze with the wind on our face from the trapeze swinging too and fro. Or the same special harnesses that hold those that can not walk up with their toes touching the balance beam and it helps them walk across that beam with ribbon in hand and feel what it feels like. And I dream of people who WANTED to come see us and rejoice in this and to applaud us on.

MOVEMENT…that is the key. But can you visualize it? Can you see the smiles of hundreds and hundreds of people who are resigned to life in a power chair or bed, who never feel that special movement. I even see people who are well on roller skates pushing those around the huge arena in special wheelchairs because they can not push themselves with their ribbon hooked to a pole on their chair so they feel the movement…the thrill of performing. Can you visualize it? Can you even imagine what that would feel like to someone like me or others who no longer have that joy of movement?

Yes,  I dream and not only do I dream for me. I dream for others. I think that is so important for when others get their dreams fulfilled, so will we. I personally believe we are here to help others and when we get lost in all about “me”, we have lost our purpose. I get my greatest joy in helping others and even laying here in this hospital bed, I still reach out to help others if nothing more than in trying to lift them up. And I dream for others for their dreams to come true. The mind is a wonderful thing and when we dream and we allow ourselves to feel the dream, we can do so many things. I dance in my mind and I sing and I power chair skate and I go places to help those in need and I create homes for the homeless and, and, and …and the list could go on. Can you visualize an arena with so many getting to do what they have lost the ability to do and that is to feel movement…that others just take for granted or mistreat their bodies and lose? I CAN.

And so, today I share my dream with the world. Perhaps someone who can visualize this dream will make it come true one day for me and others and fill the hearts of those that have lost mobility to varying degrees and allow them to FEEL  that precious thing called movement. Never take for granted that you will always run, walk, climb, and go…because one day, you too will lose that movement. So, will you dream with me? Can you visualize it?

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  1. Oh, I can SEE you in your powerchair, Deb, dancing and gliding and wheeling around with your ribbon aloft. For me right now the place I get that fluid movement is our swimming pool or the ocean. Once I’m in the water I am no longer clumsy or slow, and I have that delicious feeling of weightlessness and freedom. This is a beautiful blog. Thanks for sharing your dream with us. Big hugs and love to you 🙂 xoxo

    Comment by Cauldrons and Cupcakes | January 18, 2014 | Reply

    • Thank you sweet friend. Oh to feel like we can move normally…what a dream isn’t it. 🙂 HUGS and love to you too.

      Comment by danLrene ©2013 | January 18, 2014 | Reply

  2. Oh my goodness, what a dream that is so fluid in nature, so breathtaking in visualization, so remarkable in strength and colorful in words of a dreamer who dreams with such vivid fluidity of motion. yes motion of ribbons of movements of possibilities some that have been achieved, some that have only been dreamed but so many that could indeed be possible for thousands to do in the world of possible. In gymnasiums, in huge spaces that Cirque and others could get behind to make dreams come true as chairs would roll through with colors extraordinaire would fill the air and grins and giggles be heard by all as the winds or fans could propel people beyond their dreams, yes I can see it! This is a fabulous blog, wonderful dreams, I hope it is seen worldwide and maybe by someone who could talk more with you about making it happen in real life in real time perhaps a movement of color bound for those who could fly. thanks for the visual! sure hope you will fly in that chair with a gazillion ribbons of color trailing you in the winds wide open. blessings to you today, thank you again for a most visual and wonderful dream! “just so cirque” for all .

    Comment by SHERRY E SHOWALTER | January 18, 2014 | Reply

    • Yes, dear friend, I knew you could see it. Thank you for your beautiful words and understanding. I still dream for you too. 🙂

      Comment by danLrene ©2013 | January 18, 2014 | Reply

  3. Yes, it’s hard when we lose part of ourselves. It’s very hard not being able to do the things we want to do. Dreams are very important though and dreaming in our mind’s eye helps free us if just for a moment from our broken bodies. HUGS to you ❤

    Comment by Ginny | January 18, 2014 | Reply

    • Movement is key. Even those that are chronically ill but can still get out do not realize how being restricted to a power chair or bed because that is what it is..not because they do not feel good that day and stay in the bed. There is a difference. If you can still walk and go outside your house without someone having to assist you..that means help you in and out with a wheelchair, etc…then you still have some treasure it. But can you imagine what being able to do that dream would feel like if you are limited in any way…to have more movement than normal…or to have moment you do not have…what an awesome feeling it brings to me. 😉 hugs hon And as long as my mind works…I do not focus on my body…for my mind can take me anywhere I want to go and let me do anything I want. That is how I have survived..that and my Creator. 🙂 Hugs to you too Ginny

      Comment by danLrene ©2013 | January 18, 2014 | Reply

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