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Freedom Comes In Many Forms

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We all love freedom. To me, freedom is a gift given to us on the backs of our men and women in the military. We are blessed here so far to have freedom and it is something we should keep demanding so that our government does not find us complacent and slide in-laws that take away our freedoms.

Besides our basic right/freedoms, there are other kinds of freedom. Freedom to love who we want. Freedom to worship how we want. Freedom to be the person we truly are at heart. As I look at my Daisy though, I realize that all living things want freedom. My Daisy wants the freedom to be loved and treated well and to live where she is taken care of. Wild animals want the freedom to live in their natural habitats and wander the earth, not in some box at a marine show or in some cage at a side-show.

I took these pictures a couple of years ago back when my camera was still working well. Dropping a camera is not good for them and so one of my loves is gone; taking photographs of the clouds and nature and life in general. These horses are on what is called the open range here meaning they are not penned in. They are free to wander all over and I love it. They come right up to your vehicle and walk by you as if you were part of the landscape. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

picture-0391 picture-148








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