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A Father’s Plea For Help

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I can not imagine having a child that was like this little girl and no one ….no doctor could figure out what was wrong with the child who could not speak and could not walk. We have brilliant doctors at major hospitals around the world that know so much. We have geneticists that are well-trained. We have doctors researching rare diseases. Why can no one figure out what is wrong with this child?

This news interview was done in hopes that someone, somewhere may have seen a child just like his, or a doctor may see and may have studied on a child like this child. So, I am passing on in my blog that people read in many countries in hopes that you may pass on and someone find a solution…a doctor…a hospital that knows about what might be causing this child to be like this…unable to speak or walk at 7 years old. What a pretty little girl she is.

MWSnap002 2014-02-18, 09_55_48image from the video on the link below

Please click on the link below to see the video about Mya.

I am asking all of you to please share this story and keep sharing it in hopes that someone somewhere might have an answer or at least have a new route to take to find one. We as lay people in reality can only ask questions such as has this been checked etc. But we may know a hospital or a doctor that deals with rare diseases that might be interested in this or a family that has a child that is suffering with the same symptoms Mya is and where they went for help. I would love to see this go around the world for the USA is not the only country with brilliant doctors. So, if you would share the video…it might bring a change for Mya and her daddy, who is raising her alone.

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