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The Silence Is Deafening

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Look around you. All we see anymore is smartphones and cellphones in hands with texting going on. If you could just glance into houses, you would see people who spend hours on the computer on Facebook, twitter and other social media and yet what we do not see much of anymore is people actually communicating face to face. Have we created such advances in technology that we will hear the roar of silence in the near future? Have we advanced ourselves to a point that we are damaging our own ability to be social creatures…which we are? Are we losing our bran cells to the shiny monitor and in essence losing our voices because the only way we know to talk is to text or message or to be on virtual websites?

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I remember watching my grand-daughter one time as her fingers just flew on her smart phone and yet, try to get her to carry on a conversation and it was almost impossible. You would get one word answers. Thankfully my son has worked on this and realized what was happening. Computers and smart phones are wonderful but they also can make us lose accountability. People rush on to sites to spew their venom for the day and then go on to another site and never have to be accountable for the damage they did. Friends talk and say I love you and then as they move on to the next person, the first one is in the distant part of their brain. They ask how you are but they only see this antiseptic image in their heads and they do not have to feel your pain or sorrow or whatever emotion is going on because it is only words on a screen. There is no reality. How can you be there for someone that you can not eve visualize?

Are we using technology to insulate ourselves from the reality of the world?  Joy, happiness, excitement, sorrow, grief, loss, sickness are all part of the real world and yet, it seems that so many find it easier to live in a virtual world so that they can pretend nothing is wrong. All is paradise and the world is wonderful. And, from what I see, it causes people to not know how to respond to the real world anymore and we see eruptions of violence, anger, hatred, frustration because no one deals with emotions anymore. The virtual world becomes a hollow vacuum of no emotion unless it is the pleasant ones just like creating your own world with virtual world sites where we can create the perfect friend, mate, lover, mother or whatever it is we are seeking. And then, when the world seeps in too much, we can escape to the virtual world and pretend all is right in the world.

Sadly, all is NOT right in the world. People are sick, dying, being abused, murdered, tortured, losing their homes, losing their jobs, losing their babies, going missing, being hated and ostracized, getting broken hearts, animals are being abused, the government if failing etc while people have their faces in the internet screen pretending it is not happening. Remember my blog about “normalcy bias”?  That is the prefect example. Keep your head in the screen and pretend it is not happening no matter how bad it gets. While I can understand wanting to escape to a land of milk and honey, the sad news is that if no one learns how to cope with the problems and the negative things in life,  we become a very dysfunctional world with no solutions because everyone has hidden themselves in the virtual world and not learned how to deal with the real world. And I see us there already. The silence is deafening.

A little virtual world….a little escape is necessary, but when a person spends most of their time facing a smart phone screen or a computer screen, they are letting themselves be lured into thinking that the virtual world is how the real world really is. And when the virtual world does not totally obscure what is going on in the real world, we see explosions of emotions publicly, online, on social media groups and even on newspaper articles: emotions that bubble forth literally frothing from the lips of those that have never learned how to deal with these emotions and so the filter is off.

Sometimes we have to do a black out of the ugliness when the media over saturates us and that is ok. But, if we fail to learn how to deal with our loved one dying, with wars that are inevitable, with loss, with frustration at work, school, etc then we have no coping skills when it happens. And right now the silence is deafening from all the faces in the computer screens and smartphones who are afraid to discuss the hard things. Who will lead this country in the future if no one learns how to deal with the messes that happen? Maybe that is why we have so many messes now. The ones leading never learned how to deal with tough issues. All I know is that if we do not drop the shiny screens of internet land and come out of the virtual world at least long enough to deal with real life, the world will continue to go downhill. And the ones that are smart enough to keep a balance, will end up leading us and we will not even know what their values are because we have not taken time to pay attention to the ones running for office and what they believe in and what they really do. No longer can we depend on a party name to tell us.

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