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As I look around the world, I realize that so many people have come to rely  on adornments to proclaim who they are and what they stand for rather than their actions. I look around and see the WWJD and other religious Tee shirts, sports shirts and caps, pants hanging off the ass, tattoos, jewelry representing this faith or that faith or even other things, clothing designed to place a person in a specific group, and the list goes on.

Now, first let me say I am not against wearing a WWJD tee-shirt or a Broncos tee-shirt or whatever. We each have our own style but what I am against is when people put all this stuff on to show the world who they are but their actions do not back it up. When this happens, something is wrong and out of kilter. I believe that the person we are, our integrity, honesty, faith, etc should be shown by how we act not necessarily by what we wear.


I saw a video the other day that someone posted and it was talking about this in reflection on claiming to be Christian and not acting Christian. Surprisingly, it was a few of the Christians that got upset with it. I am Christian and did not get upset because I have seen this happen too much. People wear all the trappings..the tee shirts, the bracelets, the hats, the stickers on vehicles but do not have it on the inside.  It was a video showing a young man putting on the WWJD tee-shirt, bracelet, cross necklass, fix on vehicle and then he walks right past a woman who is crying out because she is dropping all her bags of stuff. My reply to all the ranting was “I have heard WWJD and my answer is Jesus would not have walked past this woman. He would have stopped and helped. If a person is afraid to go help, they can call for help and shout that help is coming to the person in need.”  This video is a great visualization tool and a reminder that we should be stopping and paying attention to those around us and giving a helping hand. We do not live on an island.

No matter what you believe you to be, what your life is based on, always show it from the inside out. If you truly believe in something, then allow that to shine from within you. Allow your integrity, honesty, compassion, love, enthusiasm, etc to shine from the inside out for then you are truly authentic to what you believe.

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  1. Love is a verb as they say.

    Comment by herecomeslapinay | March 7, 2014 | Reply

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