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I got a PM asking me to give my feelings on abortion. My first thought was this was a really hard topic to discuss because feelings run so high on this. So, let me start this post with this phrase first:

This is solely my opinion. Does not make yours wrong and mine right nor does it make mine wrong and yours right. It is just a personal opinion.

I will have to say I am against abortion. I did not always feel that way and it took many years and a very wise person…my godfather….to give me a clarity I had not seen before. We had many discussion on this topic. I do not condemn anyone that has had one nor do I try to force my opinion on them. It is just my personal feelings and I have to live with my own heart. No one else does.

The first lesson I learned was that abortion is a family affair. It is not just the woman who is involved: it is the whole family. Let me explain further what I mean. When a person has an abortion, she has taken away her child but not only has she taken away her child but the father of the child has lost his child too. She also has taken away from any children she has at the moment or may have in the future..their sibling. She has taken away his and her parent’s grandchild, her siblings niece or nephew and any other family members…their family member. That really hit me hard.

What hit me even harder was when my godfather told me that his experience was that at some point women will grieve the child they no longer had and that was good for closure. But, not only did she grieve but every member of the family grieved when they know about it. When they do not know about it, it makes it even harder for the woman to find closure for eventually it will surface maybe twenty years later that she also denied her loved ones of their grandchild niece, nephew, sibling, etc. It may be when their parents die and they realize they took away the grandchild that they had longed for. Whatever that sparks it and it makes guilt set in.

I realize many women say “it is my body and I can do what I want” and I used to believe that too and then I realized that it was not just “our” body but it was affecting everyone connected and especially the baby. I am a believer in birth control and abstinence. My belief is if you do not want children take the precaution or do not do the act. I have known women who used abortion for birth control and have had five or six abortions. I am totally against that and find it very selfish. That is my only negative comment I have to make about a person having an abortion. If you do not want children, take precautions instead of using abortion for birth control and having multiple abortions.

Last my feelings on the “baby” inside us. I believe from the moment of conception that this is a real person. That is my personal belief and so it makes it where if I could still have children, I could never undergo an abortion. That is my personal belief and faith and so I have to live by it. I also believe that those babies are in heaven. We all have to live by what we believe. I have friends that have had abortions. I do not look down on them nor do I criticize them. It is not my place to judge them. I just have to live MY life by what I believe. As we all do.

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  1. I believe as you do and have for a very long time. I believe this child is given by God and should not be thrown away like trash. You said it very well. The family does grieve and it is very sad. Ty Darlene

    Comment by Darlene Harrison | March 20, 2014 | Reply

  2. Agreed.

    Comment by calmgirl06 | March 20, 2014 | Reply

  3. If more people lived by your last 4 sentences, society would be a much nicer place.
    Nicely done

    Comment by philosophermouseofthehedge | March 20, 2014 | Reply

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