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Freedom Is On The Other Side Of The Fence

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I live in America, known as the land of the free. We hear people spouting their freedoms, their rights some in good ways and some not so good. Many people around the world have more freedom than we do and it is all because they have known how to take the fence down around them that they have encircled themselves with.

We all have fences around us and we are the ones that build those fences. When we learn that our freedom lies in taking down those fences, then we will have found that ultimate freedom of being happy in spite of anything happening to us.

I used to hate when I was told that it was my choice whether I get mad or upset with anyone. It took me most of my life to learn that skill and a lot of chronic illness and fatigue before I realized I ony had so much energy and I did not want to waste that energy on anger and fighting and hard feelings. If something is wrong, go across the fence, ask and if you do not get the answer you want, it is time to let go.

Fear is another thing that takes our freedom away. If I am always afraid of what others think, of failing, of not being good enough or beautiful enough, of never making it to my dream, etc… then I spend all my time fearing and worrying and never enjoying the life I do have.

We all erect fences around us. I used to say I was a professional wall builder. Sometimes you need to build some boundaries that let people know what you will and will not accept from them. That is another freedom we have.

I hear “I have the freedom of speech” and we do here in our country but we do not have the freedom to just slander someone or to cause harm to someone. That is misuse of freedom. But, when you know that it is ok to express your pain or sorrow, then that is freedom. There is a difference in saying “What you said just hurt me” and saying something derogatory and insulting.

I believe that our biggest threat to our freedom is ourselves. I see shows and news reports where men who have been in prison for twenty years for a crime they did not commit and yet they are smiling and not holding bitterness. That is freedom. A few will tell you that they learned in prison that they could either let the anger and bitterness take over their lives or they could move past it. And moving past it gave them the freedom to survive mentally from their ordeal.

As you see, the ones I mentioned are connected to our own choices and what we do with them. Others should not be a prison wall to us. They should be something that livens up our life and brings us joy and if they are not, we need to re-evaluate why we are making choices over and over that bring us such negative feelings.

And that will take you right back to the fences that hold us back from freedom. For example, it will take us to fear which is a common comment on this topic. People will fear that others will not like them if they say anything. And then comes resentment because you did not put up the boundary and say no. See how we can get in a vicious cycle of our own doing?  Look at all the real freedoms you have that you are not using. The freedom to walk away, the freedom to say no, the freedom to speak, the freedom to not get angry or upset, the freedom, the freedom to not respond….freedom.

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  1. Great words. The way things are said is as important as what is said. “Freedom” as a word is being so misused and misunderstood no wonder things are a mess.

    Comment by philosophermouseofthehedge | March 24, 2014 | Reply

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