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Remember when the scariest show you ever saw was “The Wizard of Oz”?

Remember when you could leave your doors unlocked and you could trust people in your little town or neighborhood?

Remember when you could watch TV and NOT see pharmaceutical Ads, feminine hygiene product ads or condom ads, etc? When you could let your child watch TV without worrying if the ads were inappropriate?

Remember when there was less hate and anger in the world?

Remember when people actually talked person to person?

Remember when children respected the police and firemen and other leaders?

Remember when being a soldier was held in esteem and a career consideration?

Remember when money was not the total focus of life but family was?

Remember when the word gang meant “Our Gang” reruns?

Remember when neighbors watched out for the kids in the neighborhood and we fussed at the kids as if they were our own?

Remember when people would actually jump in and stop an attack instead of whipping out their cellphones to video tape it?

Remember when someone died and all the church women gathered and went and cleaned the house for family and fixed food for the family to come home to?

Remember when marriages lasted more than a couple of years and when heroes were not people who tried to be come famous for being stupid?

Remember when you were kept after school if you did not get all your lessons done?

Remember when everyone in high school did not have their own car?

Remember when kids actually worked after school to get those name brand shoes, money for dates, that old jalopy they wanted?

Remember when reading was actually something that was valued. I read to my sons for family time up until the time that my youngest sat on the arm of my recliner and his feet drug the floor and my oldest leaned against the side of the chair..”Ole Yellar”, “Where the Red Fern Grows”. Reading time was more important than TV time in our house.

Remember when everyone did not have a computer in their house and the kids certainly did not have their own computer.

Remember when teachers made home visits? I do because I was a teacher and I did.

Remember when kids had curfews and were held to them?

Remember when kids really had chores to do and lost privileges if they did not do them.

Remember when there were no smart phones or cellphones at school?

Remember when kids were 10, 11, 12, 13 still played with dolls, played jacks and recited jump rope rhymes and dressed like the kids they were instead of mini adults?

Remember when cancer was something only people you never heard of had?

Remember when grandparents and elders were treasured and valued?

Remember when making good grades was important and that perfect attendance award was meaningful?

Remember the person who doctored your skinned knees and kissed your tears away when you were hurt?

Remember when teachers were respected and listened to?

Remember when people wanted to be scientists, astronauts, teachers, doctors, nurses, etc instead of wanting to be on a reality show and become famous for acting stupid?

Remember when church on Sunday was a family event and the kids were involved in the programs of the church?

I remember all of these things and more. This is why I took my sons and moved to a very small town much like what we are living in now to raise them. There were no gangs and it was like going back in time in the values of people. And I am so proud of both of my sons and how they turned out. I am proud of their work ethic, of their compassion to help others, of their respect and treatment of the opposite sex and all people, their support of our police force, firemen and military. I am proud of the father my youngest son is as he is so dedicated to raising his daughter with the same values that he has. I am proud of the men my sons have become.

Not all progress is progress. Not all the new tech toys are good for us. And the manufacturers are not advertising all these fancy clothes just to make themselves feel good. It is for the same reason that they advertise Christmas from August on and that is to get the young people wanting all those fancy items.

I personally believe that time spent with my children is way more important than owning the fanciest car, the biggest house, the designer clothes, all the newest tech gadgets, etc. I love little towns where everyone knows everyone, people help each other and you can feel safer. I often wonder how long before the little towns are destroyed by all this so-called progress.


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