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When most people think of infectious, they think of germs and sick people and viruses and pandemic flu events. And those are very infectious. We have infectious disease doctors and research on infectious diseases. We have germ warfare, all sorts of germ lotions and gels, warning signs to wash our hands, cover our mouths, wear masks if we are sick and other things to keep from being infected or infecting others. But, that is not the kind of infectious I am talking about here. There are several definitions of “infectious” and I am talking about one specific meaning of “Infectious”. I am not talking spreading disease or germs. I am talking about “spreading to others”.


a : capable of causing infection <viruses and other infectious agents>

b : communicable by infection <an infectious disease>

c : spreading or capable of spreading rapidly to others <their enthusiasm was infectious> <an infectious grin>

Our moods, our attitude, our outlook on life are very infectious to those around us. If we are happy, filled with laughter and joy, it spreads to those around us. And on the flip side, if we are down in the mouth, always complaining or moaning and groaning, it spreads to those around us too. Even how we look at each situation affects those around us. If we see it as a problem, so will others. If we see it as a challenge, so will others.

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Have you ever noticed that people tend to flock to those that are like them. Those that are moan and groan and want to be negative about everything and constantly complain about their lives tend to generate to those that do the same. And those that are positive and uplifting and live their lives with joy generate to those that are positive and uplifting and joyful. If we look around at who we are hanging around with, we will see what attitude we are generating to others. People tend to mirror back to us what we present to them.’I have met people who walked into a room and the whole room lit up by their presence because they were filled with joy and happiness and it was infectious and everyone around them found themselves being joyful and smiling. And I have also seen people walk into the room and watched a very joyful event become something morose. Our attitudes…our actions…our emotions are infectious whether they be joyful or they be grumbling and complaining.

I was reading on “The Little Couple” as they wrote about the mother’s battle with a rare cancer during the midst of the couple adopting two small children. And the article was about how this mother was in remission. There was no sign of her cancer. Reading all the posts, I found most were excited and congratulating the couple but a few turned it into all about them and complained that they did not have the medical insurance this couple had and it was not fair. They also made ugly comments about them adopting from China and India and were really negative.

It was almost like they wished that Jen the mother was not in remission from this cancer.. What was funny to watch was that the majority of the people commenting were happy and positive people and they quickly squelched the ones trying to ruin such a special moment. Their attitude was way more infectious than the negative and unhappy people trying to ruin a moment of celebrating the cancer being in remission. And fortunately, those that were joyful, excited and full of positive thoughts let their joy be so infectious that the whole thread remained positive.

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What kind of carrier are you? We have to be careful of the kind of people we hang around because emotions and attitude are contagious…including the bad ones. No matter how positive we are, those that are constantly negative can pull us down into their pit of negativity before we realize it. Find people and things in your life that inspire you, fill you with joy, challenge you to create and do, and uplift you.  That helps us to become carriers of joy instead of carriers of negativity…
carriers of strength instead of weakness, carriers of positive energy. Infect the world with love, compassion, joy, and a positive attitude and watch it spread.

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  1. Everybody had irritations/problems in life, but if you have to moan about something, try to also talk about 2 positive things for each grumble?

    Comment by philosophermouseofthehedge | March 31, 2014 | Reply

    • good idea. I have learned to change my vocabulary from the negative words to more positive words. What I am going through now with treatment, biopsies, etc is not a problem, irritation, difficulty but rather a challenge to over come. It helps me to keep focused on the positive side sort of like the quote in the black box on this blog I don’t look at the difficulty in the situation but rather the opportunity in it. Took me a while to get there as I have been dealing with all of this for over 32 years LOL but I finally have managed to see that it is how I even term a situation that determines my outcome.

      Comment by Simply danLrene ©2012 | April 1, 2014 | Reply

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