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We all have problems that we must deal with in life. We all have our own journeys that we are on and on these journeys, there will be problems that come up. There will be problems that hit us smack in the face and bring us to our knees. When these things happen, we have two main choices and that is we can either fall into the pity party, victim mode and stick our heads in the sand or we can grieve whatever it is and then step up and work the problem.


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I am sure some are saying “What does work the problem mean?”  As I normally do, I am going to use me as an example. When I first started getting sick and before I got the answers I needed to understand why I was so sick.  I decided that I had to accept that I was sick and that I suddenly had limitations and then I had to decide how to live with those limitations. I had to “work the problem”.  I had to find ways to handle the exhaustion so that I could keep going, ways to deal with the pain and sickness and I did. Some worked and some did not but I was always “working the problem” trying to stay on top of it.

 Working the problem does not just apply to health issues. It can be marriage problems, employment problems, financial problems, health problems, household problems, children problems, friendship problems, etc. What work the problem means is you see the problem and then you start looking for ways to deal with it. We can not be like the ostrich and stick our heads in the sand for nothing gets accomplished.

If I slice my hand with a knife, then working the problem would be checking to see how bad it was cut, getting bandages and ointment to fix it and putting them on. Working your financial problems means sitting down and figuring out why you are having such problems, what you can cut to make the budget more flexible, how you can bring in more money, etc.  Many people do one of two things. They either pretend it does not exist or they work the problem.

Working the problem is the difference in being a survivor and a victim. Survivors look for solutions. I say this often. They do not just sit there and do nothing or blame everything but themselves, they take the bull by the horns and find a way to deal with it. They make a plan and they work that plan. That is working the problem.

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Believe me from experience, ignoring a problem, pretending it does not exist, blaming it on someone else, etc only make you become the biggest part of the problem. If you can not talk about problems with your spouse, find someone who is a neutral party to be there with you. If you can not handle your finances, talk to a financial adviser. If you have health issues, work on ways to live with those health issues, on methods that will help you have a more productive life with your health issues. If you have problems with your children, sit down and work on them as a family to find solutions. If you can not do it as a family, get outside help. The most important thing is to KEEP working the problem. Laying back and saying woe is me only makes you a victim and no one likes victim mentality. Being an ostrich does not make the problems go away. It only makes them worse.

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  1. Wonderful philosophy to live by. We all have different names for it but working the problem works for me. I like the idea of turning poison into medicine, where you take a problem or bad action and turn it into something positive.
    Like you I’ll explain using myself, I was abused as a kid and sometimes it gets me down still. So I turned that bad act into medicine by using my bad experiences to help others and try to stop them suffering the same bad experiences.
    You write well and show that all of us who suffer bad things. We can change them ourselves.

    Comment by treebeardgarden | April 1, 2014 | Reply

    • Nicely said and thank you. 😉
      Thank you for sharing about yourself too. Yes, we can change by our choices. I was taught a few years ago that we set the boundary for how we are treated and if we get treated badly…then we need a stronger boundary. You sound like you are using your experiences for the good of others. That is what I try to do.

      Comment by Simply danLrene ©2012 | April 1, 2014 | Reply

      • That is the only way to deal with it and still have dignity. Thank you for sharing such a inspirational post.

        Comment by treebeardgarden | April 2, 2014

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