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Living up to our potential often becomes this elusive dream that we feel we can never quite reach. Fear of failure, of rejection, of looking stupid, etc keep so many people from finding their “calling” in life. And I believe before we can find our calling in life we must first learn what makes us fulfilled and empowered. I see many who have high paying jobs and yet they are so discontent that it tells me that working for the money is not the key to happiness.

Empowerment comes from actually stepping out and doing. Everyone encouraging us is nice but in reality, it is us actually stepping up and doing the job and finding that special feeling inside that says “oh man, I feel so good”. I learned a long time ago that helping others always made me feel like I had done something really special. No one had to know and I did not have to announce it for accolades later on. All I had to do was take the step and do it.

The first time I went to a soup kitchen and volunteered, I was terrified for a couple of reasons. I was afraid that I would be rejected because I was on forearm crutches and I was afraid I would not know what to do. Well, the truth was…I did not know exactly what I was supposed to do but I did know how to do the work. I knew how to cut up food, how to set tables, how to serve from the buffet, how to wash dishes and I did know how to greet people and talk to them. And I LOVED working in the soup kitchen. It made me feel like I was giving something back to the community.

I truly believe that we as humans are created to serve in some capacity. Serving fulfills us and empowers us and lets us feel like we are accomplishing something really good in life. It does not matter if our service is working with the sick, helping the poor, helping in a tragedy, working in a field of work that serves the community such as a fireman, policeman, EMT, or if it is the trash collector. All of those jobs are serving for the greater good of your community.

If you are at loose ends, feeling unfulfilled, feel like you are not doing anything special, just try stepping out and taking a chance and doing something to help those in need. Go volunteer at a food bank, soup kitchen, for disaster relief, as a volunteer in a nursing home, volunteer in a school or day care…volunteer to be a secret santa for children in need, create your own foodboxes to give people….anything that helps others and you will be amazed at how good you will feel.

I have watched a dear friend who has helped organize fund-raising for the victims of a catastrophe in her state. And the glow on her face says it all. We all want to feel like we have done something special and more than just make money and buy more and more trinkets. I believe we are born with an inner  desire to somehow make a difference in the world and reaching out to help those in need is one of those ways to do that. I find it becomes a “Job” you look forward to going to even though you receive no  financial pay. And that is because the pay you do receive is the wonderful feeling that comes from knowing that you can make a difference in the lives of others.




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