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We are created fully equipped to become our own advocate and our own validating judge of ourselves and yet we continue to use other people to make us feel whole. And when that person disappears, leaves us, dies, etc….then we feel as if we no longer have any worth.

Why are people NOT validating themselves? Why do people need to ask others if they look good, did they act ok, how does their hair look, etc? We have eyes and we can look in the mirror and know if we look ok or not. We have brains that tell us “Oops, that was a dumb thing to do.”  or “I did a good job.”

When we depend on others, who are just humans, then we lose some of our power. We are letting others decide what is good for us and what is not and if that person just happens to be mad at you and decides to be ugly when they reply, we are giving them more power over us.

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I learned the hard way that people are just that…people. They are human with human qualities and do not always speak with kind hearts, with love in their hearts and with pure honesty and so if we allow them to evaluate us, to validate us and to set the bar for us, then they could be setting a bar that does not show the real us.

We have within us the ability to validate ourselves. We are capable of deciding if what we eat, wear, think or do is good or not. We do not have to dress in designer clothes to be beautiful. We just have to be beautiful inside and out. We do not have to jeopardize our values to fit in with others. If people can not love the real us, then they will not truly love us if we do all those things above. Let yourself shine as you and use your own brain to decide what is right for you. When we seek the approval and validation from others, we are setting ourselves up to fail.

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