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Earth Day, NASA and Selfies

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I was quickly scanning FB and saw this post about NASA wanting us to post a Selfie today , the 22nd for Earth Day. Now that conjures up all sorts of images and got me to laughing. They ask you to step outside and take a selfie wherever you are and post it with the hashtag  #GlobalSelfie.

NASA’s Earth day link is located here:

As I lay here laughing, I envisioned everyone looking up into the sky looking for the big eye of the NASA Satellite that circles the earth looking down on them. And it made me laugh even more for it was like being in a sci-fi movie and visualizing the shuttle with lightening speed looking down and taking our picture of us taking a selfie. And so, I created my selfie and here it is. It is my brand of humor for sure right down to the ET finger holding the note saying “take me to your leader”.

Now on a more serious note, after having just passed Easter Sunday, my more serious visual was that of the one that does look down on us every minute of every day and sees all we do and that is Jesus. What comfort that gives me. My faith carries me through the rough times like my health issues right now. And add to that my sense of humor and no matter what comes my way, I am ready for it. And I need no hashtag for Jesus for He already sees.

So, here’s to ya NASA. I come in peace…LOL.  I wish I could have “stepped” outside to take this picture but my blog info explains why I could not. Just mark me down as fifteen miles NE of the LaVeta Pass in Colorado. 🙂

NASA selfie


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