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The Decline Of Respect

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Lately I have found my self in grieving mode and wondered why. I was grieving a huge loss but could not put my finger on the loss. I usually do this as I lose more and more ability to do but this was different. And I noticed that I was losing patience with what I was seeing in this world and thought “Wow, what is wrong with you.”  It was then I realized that what I was grieving was the loss of respect in this world.

Respect to me is a very simply process. First we have to respect ourselves and if we do that then the rest of the process will follow naturally. How can people say they respect themselves when they do not dress in a respectful way, act in a respectful way or talk respectfully?  I look around and see people dressed with just about everything exposed. What happened to modesty and respect of those around us?

I have to shake my head when I see someone who is not respectful of themselves or anything demand that others respect them. We get back what we give out. Today it seems like people want to be all up in your face. It does not matter what it is. In dress you see people dressing with their butts hanging out of dresses and pants, with their asses showing with the low rider pants guys especially like to wear, pregnant women with their bare bellies hanging out of their shirts, and just plain tasteless and tactless outfits. What has happened to respect? This is all part of what it means to respect yourself. And if those who are following the wrong people will look around, they will find many wonderful role models that show people dressing respectfully and looking and acting that way too.

And goodness, if I hear one more person say something that is rude, disrespecting, tactless, etc and then use the phrase “Well, I have freedom of speech” to excuse it ..I may scream. Yes, we have freedom of speech but we do not have freedom of speech to be mean to others, to be tactless, to generate bullying, to incite others, etc.

 Freedom of speech comes with consequences and when you misuse it, the consequences are people being upset with you and blasting you for it. And if you use it right, the consequences are progress and people maybe stepping up to the plate and doing right. Start first with SELF respect and if you do not have that, you will never be able to respect others, respect your loved ones, respect your elders, respect mother nature or animals or anything else. And self-respect shows in your words, your dress and your actions.

 Wearing designer clothes does not equate with self-respect. Wearing provocative clothes or revealing clothes does not equate with self-respect. Why would the world want to see someone’s ass or boobs hanging out of their clothes? Why would the world want to see people being rude or disrespectful? Unfortunately, the world has gotten where they ignore it and so people think it is just fine.

Be the change you want to see in the world. Let us bring respect back to the forefront. Being honest, authentic, filled with integrity are all components of respect. This means being honest with ourselves as well as with others. It means living up to our word and not trying to steal from everyone..whether it is stealing their possessions or their time. It means doing what is right even when no one is there.

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