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We hear a lot about cults ranging from groups such as Warren Jeffs and the FLDS to Jim Jones and the People’s Temple to David Koresh and the Branch Dividians to the Hari Karishnas. And I am sure that most people reading this will say they would never get caught up in one of those cults. And perhaps they would not but it happens all the time. Look how Hitler got all those people to do such horrific things and follow him. That was cult like mentality and a very charismatic leader.

Cult mentality is a state of mind where a person becomes obsessed with a leader or a public figure  to the point of being excessive. Their whole life becomes centered on this person and they will defend them even when the leader is wrong. Those with cult mentality see the person as “perfect” and can do no wrong. They display excessively zealous, unquestioning commitment” to the person that they are following.

I was watching some documentaries on cults and as I watched, I began to wonder what makes people have cult mentality. Are we trained to follow regardless of the consequences? Are we trained to never question what is going on? I am not sure if it is that or if it is that people have less and less actual contact with others and so the talking of events and people is less than it used to be. People used to sit around and really “discuss” politicians in the past. I remember hearing it when I was a child but today you can not do that. You can not talk about religion or politics or other topics with it turning into a fight and I mean a nasty fight. And this is sad to me because I used to watch the adults at the house sit and talk both sides and each side respected the other one’s opinion. So, when did we change? When did people become so intolerant of other people’s opinions?

I look around our country and see a lot of “cult mentality” out there. I see people following stars with this cult like, emotional worship of them and even stating that they are perfect on websites or news reports if someone dares to disagree. I see groups jumping on people on the internet that dares to say anything negative about the person they are following. I saw this when people dared to criticize Carrie Underwood for the Sound of Music production. Now, I love Carrie Underwood but did not think she did a great job acting. She even admitted that she was not an actress and had no experience but the “cult mentality fans” still jumped viciously on anyone that dared to say anything the least negative about their idol. I think with some lessons she might get there but no, it was not perfect. I actually said this on a site and was immediately attacked in a horrific way.

I see people do this with religious leaders, politicians, and other leaders of our country and no matter what happens they will not look at the situation realistically because they are in “cult mentality”.  When I see this, when I see people saying someone is perfect and does no wrong…I just shudder. No one is perfect and that is one of the first signs of cult mentality. When people say “go ahead and take my email and all my privacy, I have nothing to hide. They are doing nothing wrong.” my first thought is “cult mentality” because they are not thinking about the fact that one of their rights is gone and which right is going to go next?

Cult mentality leads people to almost separate themselves from the world by identifying only with the group or person that they think is “right”. They will fight to end, attack, demean, ridicule anyone that does not think like them even when the proof is right in front of them that their belief of a certain person is wrong or that the person they believe is the “savior” or “hero” is found guilty of doing wrong. They will always make excuses for why the person was accused and it is never the leaders fault.  And there is this mentality even in personal relationships. People will get in bad relationships but refuse to accept the bad behavior of the other person and make excuses for the other person.

Those with cult mentality will opt to be alone if they can not be with others who believe like them. Many with cult mentality live in the virtual world because it is easier than facing people every day in the real world and seeing what the real truth is. They have this “us versus them” mentality and do not hold the person that they are following, be it a politician, a movie star, a singer…whomever it is…accountable. They do not hold them accountable for anything they do and will deny to the end that the person did anything wrong. I mean seriously, if the person was caught with the gun in their hand, gun powder on their hands and standing over the dead person with blood splattered on their pants, those with cult mentality following this person would deny the person did it and would say it was a plot against the person or some other reason rather than admit the person was wrong or guilty.

Those with cult mentality would do without to give money to the person that they are following. And they would spend hours trying to raise money or support for this person they are following. They will neglect their own families to follow this person and emotionally abandon them unless they are following what they believe. They also will never doubt or question the person they are following even if they are the one’s suffering because of decisions or rules the person they are following makes.

Cult mentality is a scary thing because with cult mentality comes total obedience to whomever they are following and look what happened to all those people who followed Jim Jones. Cult mentality to one political party over the other is a danger to our country. Not all Republicans are good and neither are all Democrats. Just because a person is of one party or the other does not mean they will be good in office. We have to utilize the brain we were given, learn to reason and learn not to put “perfection” on other people for no one is perfect.

It took me years to learn not to follow the crowd or the group. Sometimes when you do not follow the group, you walk alone but that is ok. I would rather walk alone knowing that I was reasoning out things and deciding for myself and not someone else deciding for me.


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  1. Far too much blindly following – led by emotions instead of logic – right now. Quite a concern

    Comment by philosophermouseofthehedge | May 3, 2014 | Reply

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