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I believe in transparency. I believe that when you are transparent in your motives, your thoughts and your actions then people know you for who you are. Unfortunately, too many people are not transparent in what they say and do or in their hearts and people get hurt over and over. We need transparency in people, in government, in churches, in schools, etc.

From Webster Dictionary:


noun \tran(t)s-ˈper-ən(t)-sē\
plural trans·par·en·cies

Definition of TRANSPARENCY

1 :  something transparent; especially :  a picture (as on film) viewed by light shining through it or by projection
2 :  the quality or state of being transparent


the transparency of a piece of glass
the transparency of their motives
He says that there needs to be more transparency in the way the government operates.


I am talking the transparency of a person, of a person’s motives, of a person’s words, of a person’s work with others, of a person’s relationship with others, etc.

I am sure many of you have been deceived by someone in life. That is not transparency. I person who lives a life of transparency does not say one thing and do something else. They do not con people and lure people in with words of love and then leave them high and dry. That is not transparency.

If we are transparent then people know what they are getting and there is no misunderstandings. If a person is transparent even if they are criminals, liars, thieves or master manipulators, then we know that and are not taken in. It is when people pretend to be something they are not that people get hurt, get conned and get taken to the proverbial cleaners.

Our government is not always transparent. Bills are put into place without us knowing it, laws are passed and yet they act like everything they do is out there for us all to see. This is an area we need more transparency in.

Romantic relationships should be transparent. If I am in love with someone, I want the truth to come from their mouths not fake promises of love and dying devotion. I want them to be honest in all and if they lie about one thing, I know they will lie about others. If a person has a bad habit or believes a certain way, then if they tell that upfront, then they are transparent. Being transparent does not mean that what you show is all good. It just means what you show is the truth.

I want doctors to be transparent with me. I do not like doctors who hold back information and decide what I should and should not know. It is my body, my health and my decision about what is done to me and I can not make those decisions if I do not have all the facts.

I wish I could infect everyone with transparency and the world would be such a better place.

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  1. So true deb so so true …. transperancy and truth walk in hand i do believe…and there is far too much non transperency out there .. pretending to be somthing and really wearing a mask or wolves in sheep clothing… i feel we children of god / christians need to be really aware of this teach our families and pray for each other, support and care because there is far too little of this in the world today .. there is a army of people out there trying and working each day to live right lives before god and before others… sadly too much sewrage as i call it getting dished out and lives being destroyed… praying for transperant ppl to be in your life and ours, our friends and family xxxx

    Comment by mshadai | May 14, 2014 | Reply

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