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Are Aliens Taking Over People’s Bodies?

I speak about this on here a lot and yet lately I have begun to see a pattern that makes my heart sad and my head shake in disbelief.  Yesterday I saw this on my news feed on FB and became disillusioned that such a practice is now common place even on competition shows and so you no longer know who can really sing. Technology takes bad singers and makes them sound good. And so the world is deceived and support them with money and tickets. Only now some people are becoming more outspoken and calling them for what they are.

So, we have many actors/actresses who can not act that are being made famous because of high-tech special effects, singers that can not sing being made famous by technology that changes their voice to the correct key, and people have so much plastic surgery to look like what they are not so my question is….have we been invaded by aliens?

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People’s lives are centered around smart phones and Apps instead of living real life. People who can not talk face to face can text up a storm. Selfies flying through the phone airwaves as if that is the most important thing in the world. Seriously folks, one picture a week is enough. We have Apps that smell like bacon, tell you if makeup looks good, take your heart rate, tells you what to shop for. Kids in elementary school have smart phones, babies are being given smart phones to play with to keep them quiet instead of the parent playing with them. Who needs to think when you can just get another App.

People seldom talk face to face. Just watch when you are out. Heads are down and eyes focused on the smart phone or tablet. People are living their lives by posting them on Youtube and others are living vicariously by watching then and in reality are giving them the salary to do this by their views on the videos. People do not know how to handle emotions like anger, fear, loss, etc and many have seemingly become emotionless or as some put it “cold”. A lot of rage flies over the internet, twitter, cellphones and even on websites.

There is only one reality show I will watch and that is #The Little Couple and that is because it is real. There is no stupid drama, fake scenes, fighting or anything else. It is real life. The rest I see people who become famous for acting like an idiot, a bully, trashy, etc. And now our high school kids do not want to go to college but would rather try out for a reality show and act crazy for a career or get on Youtube and make absolutely ridiculous videos with food falling out their mouths, or being pornographic. How they can think those are good traits for a career I am not sure but seems that many think it is and support them with views and thus those watching are paying their pay check.

I swear I expect any day to see heads split open and this lizard head come out with a long slithering tongue proving what I fear ….that aliens have come in and are inhabiting our bodies. Maybe that is where all the headaches are coming from that people complain of and not stress. Son and I are considered “strange” because we own no smart phone, we live simply and we actually sit and talk face to face. We do not own the latest technological items. Son does have a nook and uses it to read books. We cook from scratch and we hear “oh goodness, who does that anymore.” We do not spend our money on the latest fashion item or the latest hairdo. Son is and always has been a buzz cut which he does himself and comes from working with law enforcement.  And we live by honor and integrity and truth. I guess the aliens missed us or maybe they did not want really sick people.

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