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I sit here in deep contemplation looking at all the posts to our Veterans on this special day. Tears roll down my cheeks and I remember all those that died in battle, all those that came home and died from things related to being in War.

I think of those that came home with bodies that will never be the same and need care and I think of all those who are not receiving good health care after sacrificing their lives for freedom and for us. I think of the men and women in the heat of battle who are afraid and would love nothing more than to be home with family and yet they stay and continue the course. and my heart holds them all dear in my heart. And I am so proud of them and so thankful for them.

I remember well Vietnam days and watching my friends go off to Vietnam…many of whom never returned. I remember a friend called Charles in Tennessee. He and his brother enlisted. Charles was a Marine and a proud one. One day his mother called to tell me Charles had been killed in action. I felt my heart-break. Then later I learned that his brother James had been wounded in action. He was a tunnel rat (checker) because he was small and one of the landmines blew up and tore his stomach open. He was never the same. And yet he came home to the hate of those protesting the war that these men had fought to give people like them the right to protest the war. They flew into airports and were treated like the so-called religious group that goes to funerals to disrupt them does…with no respect what so ever. I refuse to mention this group of hate. And to make it worse, they were spat upon.

My heart broke some more every time I saw our soldiers mistreated for doing what they were told and trained to do. Every time I saw soldiers come home in caskets, come home wounded, lost and needing that kind of care that comes with helping them through the horrors of war, my heart would break a little more.

I can not fix things. I can only say to our Veterans, to the POW’s, to the families of lost soldiers, to the soldiers serving now and in the future that I support you…I pray for you…and I am so in awe of your honor and integrity and your willingness to put your life on the line for freedom. I am so thankful men and women every day are still willing to enlist and place their lives on the line for us.

All of you no matter how much time you serve, to me have honor about you and I am proud to call you OUR military…OUR men and women in uniform…OUR warriors and heroes. I am so proud that you stand strong for what being a soldier stands for and you fight until….until there is no more to fight. YOU all make me and my family feel safe.

I pray blessings rain on you and give you the love, support and respect you deserve. I pray blessings rain on you giving you the sense that you are supported and loved.

Peace be with you all. Know you are my heroes and as I look back from war to war to war, I see the same determination to preserve freedom that all of our men and women in the military have had and I smile and my heart swells with pride. We have a great military and I pray we continue to have.

The only words I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you…from our house to yours. If I could I would hug you all and tell you this personally.

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