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I saw a video that inspired this blog and it was about how we view animals. It really touched my heart because it talked about how we as humans use words to accomplish what we want. For example, there is a point that people will say they are against abuse or pain for an animal and that got stated as “unless there is a good need”.  So that left it open to interpretation about what was abuse of animals. It was all in how people viewed what pain was and what “a good need” was. And so people just took those using animals for testing, etc as the pain being “a good need”. And years rocked on until the present where people are protesting animals being used for tests and experiments and kept in cages all their lives and are fighting to free them. Today people view that as abuse. So many feel there is no need good enough to put an animal through pain.

So, as I always do, I lay here comparing it to the rest of life and realized that how we view things affects everything in life we do. There was a time that family life was viewed as something very important and families ate together and did things together. And that view has changed over the years. Families eat in front of the television or in other rooms and there seems to be no real gathering together. Views change through the years. I see some people returning to that family life of old and I hope it continues.

Taking care of your parents or the elderly members of your family was viewed as something that was a responsibility and you took them into your homes and took care of them. Today, many would either put their family member in a nursing home or urge them to go to one. I am blessed as my son has the same family values that I do and he asked me to live with him and takes such good care of  me.

Politics change through the years too. Back in my father’s time, it was viewed that you were either one party or the other and that is how you voted. My views changed over the year as each party some corrupt people or incompetent people and so my view became one where I voted by person and not by party. I found that so many people take a party and no matter what is done, if it is in their party then it is fine. There can be corruption, sex scandals, lies, etc but if it happens in their party they will overlook it as they view it differently than they view it if it happens in the other party.

The view of marriage has changed to the point that people marry with the idea that if it does not work, they will just divorce.  A divorce used to be extremely difficult to get many years ago because it was viewed as something bad. Today, I think people can get a divorce too easily and no real working on the problems because people view divorce as their escape for when things do not work out. In other words, I see many who view marriage as something disposable if they are not happy. There is no effort to figure out the problems either on one side or the other and divorce happens. I believe you should make every attempt to fix your marriage before divorcing and when you have done that, then you have done all you can do.

All progress is not necessarily good but most people view all the technological devices as something great…wonderful. And I and some others view them as the downfall of communication, of social interaction, of learning how to deal with stress and life in general. So, it all becomes how you view it and what you place as important. In America especially, all the latest gadgets are the greatest desired thing for so many. They can get a smart phone and as soon as a new model comes out, they want it. Life seems to have become about possessions here.

I watch people who are making their living off of doing videos about themselves or their family or acting dumb, etc and making good money. But they are spending as fast as they make it and not thinking about the day people might not find them so entertaining to watch and they do not have that money. They view that income as something to be spent now and enjoyed and then when they no longer have it, I often wonder will they know how to cope? I would view it as something to put up for the future and for things that are needed not just blowing it as fast as I made it.

Life is all about how you view things and through the years the views have changed so much. I am more old-fashioned and believe in things that keep family life going, that keep the most important things in the front such as loved ones, and that allows us to live in peace and harmony. I love helping others and that is what I would do if I had money. I do it without money.

What are your views on life and the changes you see happening now compared to in years past. Have people lost what is really important? Has greed taken over and people are no longer important? Are we handing down the wrong values to our children and grandchildren? Have our views changed so much over time that we no longer view life-like we used to? What views do you see that have changed for the good, like the view of animal abuse. I see more emphasis on child abuse and that is a good change as it was viewed as something to hide many years ago and now people are stepping up to the plate. Life…it is all in how you view things.

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